• You can't get any purer than the sweet drum tones of the Classic Backbeats Series.
  • Odd Time Meltdown will take your songwriting to new and different territory.
  • Great Selection: 100% acoustic drum loops for all songwriting styles. Write rock, blues, country, metal, jazz, or fusion? Improve and inspire your drum tracks with a better choice in drum loops. Beta Monkey is your only serious choice when your music demands only the purest drum loops and samples.
  • Great Drums: Our loops have inspired 50,000+ musicians in 50+ countries since 2002. We go into the world's best recording studios and get the big, punchy, live drum sounds you want. Get that great Beta Monkey sound!
  • Great Value: Intense drum loop collections for musicians looking to create powerful drum tracks. Hundreds of powerful drum loops, single session consistency, matching multi-velocity drum sample sets for only $29.99! Download now and kickstart your music!
Live drum loops for all songwriting styles:
Rock, Metal, Retro, Funk, Jazz, Blues.
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