Beta Monkey drum loops are 100% live acoustic drums from the world's best studios and drum rooms. Inspire your music and drum tracks today.
New Metal Drum Tracks - Double Bass Mania VII
New hard rock! Drum Werks II: Reloaded
Double Bass Mania Drum Loops Series
Pure Country Drum Loops Series
Jazz Essentials Drum Loops
Odd Time Drum Loops from Odd Time Meltdown
Raw and dirty alt and rodern rock loops
Classic drum tracks - Classic Backbeats
Old school funk or modern day funk rock, get the Rock Hard Funk SamplesSeries
Versatile drum sample packs for rock, classic rock, hard rock, alt rock, modern rock.

  • Special packages and Beta Monkey bundles
  • Hear the final mix. Artists and musicians submit their work to Beta Monkey.
  • Create grooving funk, funk-rock with the live drum of the Rock Hard Funk Series
  • Classic or modern, these rock drums will inspire your next track.
  • You can't get any purer than the sweet drum tones of the Classic Backbeats Series.
  • Pure Metal - the original drum library for metalheads!
  • Odd Time Meltdown will take your songwriting to new and different territory.
  • You don't need to go to Nashville to get great country drum tracks.
  • Pure, live jazz from some of New York's best studios.
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  • Why Choose Beta Monkey Drum Loops?

  • Great Drums: There's good reason Beta Monkey loops and samples have inspired 50,000+ musicians in over 50 countries worldwidesince 2002. What's the difference?
  • Great Selection: 100% live drum loops for all songwriting styles. Rock, blues, country, metal, jazz, or fusion? We've got your style!
  • Great Service: Software questions? Style questions? We've been helping artists get the best drum tracks for their music for over 10 years. What do they say?
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