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Nothing but metal drum loops - pure, powerful metal in the Double Bass Mania Series
Pure Country Drum Loops Series
Essential Jazz Drum Loops
Odd Time Drum Loops from Odd Time Meltdown
The Best Alt and Modern Rock Drums
Classic retro, vintage drum loops - Classic Backbeats
Live funk drum loops - Rock Hard Funk
Inspired rock drum loops for all styles of rock, classic rock, hard rock, alt rock, modern rock.
New drum loops release
Slow grooves for ballad rock, classic rock, hard rock, alt rock, modern rock.

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  • What are Beta Monkey customers saying about our drum loops?
    No one can say it better than the talented musicians worldwide who use them to inspire and power their music. Read what satisfied customers are saying about our drum loops...
  • Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue): "These loops are insane... bad ass! When is the metal CD coming out?" more>
  • Mark Slaughter: "These are how rock drums should be played. My FOX TV spots rule because of Beta Monkey..." more>
  • Anthony Kenney of The Kentucky Headhunters "Enjoyed the Drum Werks IV... already pieced a nice track together." more>
  • Recording Magazine: "Beta Monkey drum loops are designed to juice up your tracks... more>
  • Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine: "If you need rock drums, you can't beat the value for money...." more>
  • Recording Magazine: "Beta Monkey has again produced clean, useful, no-nonsense drum libraries... take your drummerless productions to the next level." more>
  • Music Tech Magazine: "We can assure you, however, that you'll be hard-pressed to find more professionally recorded live funk grooves for a mere £22..." more>
  • Sound on Sound Magazine: "An absolute steal! Excellent value for money and highly recommended." more>
  • ReMix Magazine: "Whether building a pop track from scratch or looking for brilliant session drumming to remix, a go-to loop collection for ballsy, realistic results." more>
  • User Praise and Critical Acclaim: "Read thousands of user-submitted reviews and industry critical acclaim in the Reviews and Testimonials sections. more>
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