• Versatile Drum Loops: 100% live and acoustic, recorded in some of the world's best recording studios. Write rock, blues, country, metal, jazz, or fusion? Inspire and improve your music with the right drums. Beta Monkey is your only serious choice when your music demands professional mixes and performances.
  • Inspired Drumming: Why have we inspired nearly 60,000 musicians in over 50 countries since 2002? We deliver the grooves artists want at prices they demand. From the beginning, Beta Monkey built its reputation on powerful, versatile and useable drum loops. From metal to pop to jazz, artists know what Beta Monkey can do for their music.
  • Undeniable Value: Extensive and versatile libraries for musicians who demand authentic and powerful drumming. Extensive songwriting tools ready to inspire your music starting at only $29.99. Beta Monkey Music delivers the highest quality royalty-free drum sample libraries combining quality and value in every release.
Live studio loops for all songwriters:
Rock, Metal, Retro, Funk, Jazz, Blues.
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