DRUM WERKS SERIES: VOLUME XXV UPTEMPO 6/8 DRUM LOOPSBeta Monkey Drum Werks XXV - UpTempo 6/8 Drum Loops and Drum tracks

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Drum Werks Volume XXV:

If you combine Drum Werks XXIV and Drum Werks XV, then you have the most extensive and versatile collection of 6/8 drum loops available. Anywhere.

We've had many many requests over the years asking for Beta Monkey to cover the beautiful flow of the 6/8 time signature and we have finally delivered - big time.

While other loop dealers avoid this time signature for some reason (or, worse, they try to program and sequence grooves with samples and pass it off as the live drums!), we were stunned that no one has covered 6/8 drumming with any focus or conviction.

And, to be fair, we would have done it sooner had we not been so swamped with requests for other styles.

But, now you have it - live, powerful 6/8 drum loops ready to take your next songwriting project from zero to finished in minutes, as easy as it is to drag and drop within your DAW of choice.

Live acoustic 6/8 drum loops - this is the real deal.

Drum Werks XXV: UpTempo 6/8 Drum Loops

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Infectious Grooves, Undeniable Feel!

Need to take your 6/8 drum tracks up a notch? With 263 up-tempo 6/8 drum loops ranging from 70 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXV delivers a solid and versatile mix of 6/8 drumming groove feels and gives you a full songwriting arsenal to quickly and easily build new and inspiring drum tracks.

Within the 6/8 time signature, you can dig into straight 8th beats, half-time grooves, shuffles, and other 6/8 groove styles. Drum Werks XXV is the only exclusively 6/8 drum loop collection available today.

Each 6/8 Groove Set offers main song grooves, groove variations played on each time-keeping source (hi hats open and closed, ride, crash wash) multiple drum fills and fill variations - putting you in complete control to build your drum track quickly and easily.

Often imitated but never duplicated, Beta Monkey set the standard for single recording session sample libraries. The Drum Werks XXV 6/8 drum loop library includes a fully-sampled drum and cymbal sample kit, allowing users to layer drum voices and sequence custom drum tracks. Combine and mix all loops and seamlessly, the ultimate 6/8 sample collection for consistency and versatility.

Live acoustic drums, live studio performances - never sequenced or rendered limp by a heavy-handed dose of Beat Detective. Drum Werks XXIV 6/8 Drum Loops will become an indispensable addition to your songwriting toolkit if you demand live, 100% pure acoustic drum loops.

Drum Werks XXV is a complete songwriting drum loop resource for multiple styles of rock, alt rock, pop, funk, and RnB - if your drum tracks need 6/8 grooves - that delicious pulse of the 6/8 time signature - this is the only collection you'll need.

Available in 16, 24 bit ACIDized WAV and APPLE LOOPS formats. REX2 format coming soon.


Drum Werks XXIV 6/8 Groove Sets

70 BPM 6/8  
40 loops
75 BPM 6/8     56 loops
80 BPM 6/8  
38 loops
90 BPM 6/8     79 loops
100 BPM 6/8   50 loops
Multi-Velocity Drum, Cymbal Samples     185 Individual Hits

Drum Werks XXV User Submitted Music*


Beta Monkey's Drum Werks XXV Up-Tempo 6/8 Features:
  • Versatile Up-Tempo 6/8 Drum Groove Feels: Straight-ahead 8th feels, swing feels, implied shuffle feels. Swing and shuffle beats are also included as a bonus. Drum Werks XXV delivers live 6/8 drum loops for rock, pop, alt rock, prog-rock, funk-rock, and RnB.
  • Focused Tempo Range: Powerful and focused coverage of five tempo-based sets: 70 bpm, 75 bpm, 80 bpm, 90 bpm and 100 bpm. No other loop collection matches the versatility and scope of this 6/8 drum loop library.
  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: A Beta Monkey exclusive feature - often imitated, but never duplicated. All Drum Werks XXV drum loops are from a single recording session. Change tempos or mix feels - you can mix any loop or sample in this library. For maximum versatility, Drum Werks XXV is a powerhouse resource of 6/8 drum grooves and sounds.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: An extensive and fully-sampled drum and cymbal sample kit, allowing for layering drum voices and designing your own grooves. Another Beta Monkey sample library innovation.

Disc Stats:

  • 263 royalty-free drum loops available 16-Bit and 24-Bit ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops formats.
  • 185 (222 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples. Kick, snare, 3 toms, hihats, ride, multiple crash cymbals allow total flexibility for layering accents and syncopations as well user-created drum tracks.
  • 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE/AIFF formats included for download option and for hard copy DVD purchases.


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100% Pure Drum Loops and Drum Samples from Beta Monkey Music. Create Powerful Drum Tracks for All Styles with the World's Favorite Loops.