PURE COUNTRY SERIES: VOLUME IPure Country I: Modern Country and Country Drum Loops and Samples

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville

We had so much great stuff from our Nashville sessions that we had to get out. We decided to update Pure Country I so it would fit more closely with the drum loop standards we helped popularize: single session recording, full multi-velocity sample kit, and Groove Folder™ organization. All of these elements seem so obvious but no one was doing sample CD's this way until we popularized the approach (and we can thank all of you for the input on that - you told us what you wanted and we listened!).

Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville is all about authentic country drumming, born of a truly memorable and productive session recorded at one of Nashville's well-known studios.

The Yamaha Recording Customs ring out loud and proud with a spacious tones. The kinds of tones that will give your music the real flavor your music craves. Forget the over-compressed, over-the-top reverb nonsense that passes for drums these days - get the real deal. We know you deserve better because we hear it all the time!

Enjoy the grooves!

Pure Country I Rocking Nashville™: Modern Country Drum Loops and Drum Samples

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Drums straight out of Nashville!

We wanted to capture the heart and soul of modern country and country-rock music, so we headed down to Nashville. Beta Monkey Music's Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ is an all-new drum sample library, capturing the authentic sounds of Nashville with one of the town's best studio drummers on a powerful set of Yahama Recording Custom drums. You want live punchy drums with hammering backbeats? Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ should be in your songwriting toolbox!

Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ is a complete country songwriting package, featuring over 500 acoustic drum loops in nine (9) different Groove Folders™ and a complete multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set . If you need real drums laid down with authority and feel, then Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ will deliver true Nashville inspiration.

From ballad feels to shuffled country swing to all-out double-time feels, Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ will cover a wide range of your country and country-rock needs.

Available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 loop formats.



55 BPM Swing Country Ballad 46 Grooves and Fills
70 BPM Country Rock
29 Grooves and Fills
100 BPM Swinging Country
80 Grooves and Fills
110 BPM Swinging Country 74 Grooves and Fills
120 BPM More Swinging Country 62 Grooves and Fills
140 BPM Swinging Country 56 Grooves and Fills
160 BPM Country Rock 36 Grooves and Fills
180 BPM Uptempo Swing 61 Grooves and Fills
220 BPM Very Uptempo Country 63 Grooves and Fills
One Shot Endings 17 One Shot Ending Fills
Multi-velocity Samples - Drums, Cymbals 91 Samples

Download Pure Country I Sample Loops: 13 Loops, 8.7 MB

Download Pure Country I Sample Loops WAV (24 Bit): 13 Loops, 14.6 MB

Download Pure Country I Sample Loops: APPLE: 13 Loops, 14.6 MB


Pure Country I User Submitted Music*


Beta Monkey's Pure Country I Features:
  • Authentic Grooves: We went straight to the heart of Country music in one of Nashville's premier drum rooms. Add a seasoned pro behind the kit, with both the playing skills and knowledge of the genre and you have the absolute authority on brushed country drum loops.

  • Versatile Grooves: Over 500 drum loops, covering ballads, straight-ahead mid-tempo feels, shuffles, trainbeats, tom grooves, double-times and more. If your music needs big, powerful drums, Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ has it covered.

  • Complete Song Elements: Main grooves, groove variations, fills, intros and endings - all the parts you need for songwriting are included. A complete songwriter package. All the pieces are in place to put together your next song quickly and easily.

  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All drum loops are taken from the SAME recording session (all grooves, fills, one shots, etc. are sonically-matched). The bottom line here is maximum versatility.

  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: Get more flexibility with a complete matching set of drum and cymbal samples. A fully-sampled Yamaha Recording drumkit, several snares (Ludwig and Ayotte), and a number of Zildjian cymbals give you further control over your drum tracks.

Disc Stats:

  • 524 (625 MB for 24 bit; 424MB for 16 bit) original, license-free country drum loops. 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS/AIFF, REX2 formats.
  • 91 (72 MB for 24 bit; 48 MB for 16 Bit) multi-velocity drumkit (kick, snare, toms) and cymbal samples (hihat, ride, crashes).
  • DVD Format: ALL ACIDized WAV, APPLE, and REX2 formats included in download and for hard copy DVD purchases.


Some kind words by current Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville users:

5 stars for Beta Monkey Drum Loops "I ordered and now got 3 CD's from Beta Monkey, and they are great. I have other drum loops that sound fine, but are too busy or complex for most songs. Telling Chris at Beta Monkey what I needed, I got three CD's with mainly simple straight ahead rock, pop, alternative rhythms." -- Tom (Denmark)




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