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Double Bass Mania Series

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Multiple Styles of Metal Drum Loops

Double Bass Mania I: Reloaded
Double Bass Mania II
Double Bass Mania III
Classic, Contemporary Metal
Extreme Metal
Speed Metal

Pure classic metal on this all-new metal release. Bigger. Louder. Faster. Double Bass Mania I: Reloaded metal drum loops capture the attitude and energy of classic metal and the power and precision of modern metal genres with 1300+ loops covering tempos from 30 bpm to 280 bpm.

Inspired by the original masters of metal like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Pantera as well as modern reinventions of metal drumming from Lamb of God, Gojira, Whitechapel, and All Shall Perish.

The Return of the Beast takes it over the top with a relentless onslaught of fast and furious double bass grooves.

With 800+ double bass grooves, groove variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania II stands alone as the brutal choice for creating the heaviest of heavy metal tracks.

With thousands of songs released with DBM2 grooves, this collection of metal is the original and continues to inspire new metal to this day.

Speed Kills. Double Bass Mania III: Ultra Extreme Metal unleashes the fury with a tireless onslaught of the fastest and most brutal speed and death metal drum grooves.

With 666+ double bass grooves, variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania III delivers the pain that frightens other sample libraries.

Double Bass Mania IV
Double Bass Mania V
Double Bass Mania VI
Groove Metal
Doom Metal
Doom Metal Triplets

Pantera-inspired power metal drum tracks - that's what DBM4 is all about. Slamming, powerful, grooves that are driven hard with straight and syncopated double kick drumming - a massive collection of pure metal power.

Pounding and aggressive power metal drum loops, Double Bass Mania IV slams out the pure aggression of double bass grooves in the 90 bpm to 120 bpm tempo range.

A powerful, heavy and hypnotic collection of doom metal drum loops. With a tempo range between 25 and 60 bpm, we laid down the ultimate in doom, stoner, and sludge metal drums.

If you're after the agony of powerful live drums slamming away at unholy tempos, then this might be the right set of drums for your music.

Heavy, hypnotic doom metal drum loops built on triplet-based foundations. Just think Black Sabbath at its swingiest and doomiest, laying hard into the triplets as a thick wall of dirge and doom.

Heavy, ultra-slow and spacious doom metal drum loops for classic and modern doom metal, stoner doom, death doom, and epic doom.

Double Bass Mania VII: Metal
Double Bass Mania VIII: More Modern Metal
Double Bass Mania I: Classic Metal

Double Bass Mania VII unleashes nearly 1 GB of pure metal songwriting tools

With 600+ (750+ MB) metal drum loops, Double Bass Mania VII spans from 80 bpm to 110 bpm and draws inspiration from modern metal styles and traditional death, thrash genres. Blasts, power grooves, half-time breakdowns, double-time blastbeats and skanks,

Double Bass Mania VII is a powerful resource for guitarists whose songwriting influences range from classic thrash metal to modern metal hybrid styles..

Covering tempos from 120 bpm and 160 bpm, Double Bass Mania VIII is a powerhouse of metal drumming performance.

Get multiple 4/4 groove styles in both straight and triplet-based feels including double bass runs, syncopated broken double kick patterns, half-time breakdowns, double-time feels, skanks, blast beats and more.

Double Bass Mania VIII is the faster, uptempo follow-up to Double Bass Mania VII.



Loud. Fast. Aggressive. That is what this heavy metal sample disc is all about.

If you are chomping at the bit for some fast and furious double bass grooves, order the one and only onslaught you need: Beta Monkey's Double Bass Mania I: Classic.

Loud. Fast. Heavy. The Metal Original still available for download!








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