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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

The follow-up to Rock Hard Funk I, we think this one brings a fresh sound to your tunes with the same blend of funk, rock, and pop styles of the first. The RnB inspired grooves cover a wide array of styles - so much so that some of the grooves were tricky to label and do them justice! Multiple tempos and and rhythmic feels - very intense grooves that use chops with restraint.

We hope it inspires and pushes your music into new rhythmic territory, feel and vibe. Probably useful and effective for more styles of music that we can probably describe - it will bring new life to old and new tracks alike.

Enjoy the funk grooves!

Rock Hard Funk II: Funk, Funk Rock, RnB Drum Loops.

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Can you handle these wicked funk grooves?

Beta Monkey Music's Rock Hard Funk II, brings another round of funk and funk-rock drum loops and samples to the Beta Monkey library of groove solutions. With 400 live acoustic grooves to inspire any songwriter looking for a strong rhythmic foundation, this collection takes the attitude of rock and pop and infuses it with the groove-centric vibe of funk. Add a drum sound perfect for today's mixes and you've got the perfect drum track solution.

Scale down the drum set to its essentials and mix in equal parts of rock, pop, funk - the perfect recipe for bringing some rhythmic emotion emotion to your songwriting. Fresh and modern yet with a clear eye on the roots of funk and rock, Rock Hard Funk II will bring all the grooves you expect as well as ones that defy categorization. Solid grooves for rock and pop, syncopated grooves for RnB and funk, Rock Hard Funk II brings a signature blend of drumming straight from Los Angeles to your studio.

A wide variety of tempos and feels offer songwriters a quick and easy way to to build funk rock, RnB flavored, or pop rock tracks that feel right and sound great. We also recorded the beautiful sounds of a maple Yamaha Phoenix acoustic drumkit, capturing all the rhythmic voices to complement the loops. This matching set of drum and cymbal samples allow greater flexibility in drum track construction, whether you're adding samples for additional flavor or using them in your favorite software to sequence new and fresh beats.

It's all about the groove with Rock Hard Funk II, bringing the special groove sauce your drum tracks demand. Part of the L.A. Returns Series.

Available in 16-bit, 24-Bit ACIDized WAV, and APPLE LOOPS formats.

Rock Hard Funk II Loop Sets

50 BPM 48 Loops
60 BPM 58 Loops
75 BPM 30 Loops
90 BPM 70 Loops
105 BPM 100 Loops
120 BPM 74 Loops
135 BPM 49 Loops
150 BPM 48 Loops
175 BPM 27 Loops
Drum Samples (Complete Drum Kit) 174 Samples


Rock Hard Funk II Test Drive Sets

16/44 WAV Preview Set (13.0 MB .zip file)

24/44 WAV Preview Set (16 MB .zip file)
Rock Hard Funk II User Submitted Music*
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* All user submitted music was created using Rock Hard Funk II drum loops and samples exclusively.


Beta Monkey's Rock Hard Funk II Features:
  • Versatile mix of funk, pop, and funk styles: Whether it's a straight 2's and 4's with a little hi-hat work or more syncopated patterns, a full array of rhythmic experimentation and feel.

  • Superior Rhythmic Realism: Why settle for lifeless quantized monotony or, worse, lo-fi drums captured in a drummer's garage or studio loft? Let Rock Hard Funk II bring well-tuned, professionally-recorded drums to your music. Dynamic groove energy with the sound to match.

  • Cohesive Groove Sets: All beats, fills, and samples were recorded in a single recording session - the L.A. Returns Sessions. Seamlessly blend any loop from the disc. The ultimate in consistency for multiple song projects.

  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: All elements of a Yamaha Phoenix drumkit as well as matching Zildjian cymbals are included. Build new fresh grooves or augment any of the included groove loops.

  • Professional Production: With gold and platinum experience behind the kit and console, Rock Hard Funk II delivers the quality your music deserves.


  • 425 original, license-free drum loops and samples (699 MB for 24/44 version or 466 MB for 16/44).

  • 174 (210 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.

  • DVD format for shipped physical copy orders. Includes all available loop formats.



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