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Jazz drum loops for traditional jazz, swing, brushes, bebop, latin-jazz. Songwriting tools for jazz musicians.

Jazz Essentials I - Live jazz drum loops for traditional jazz
Jazz Essentials II - Live, full-length jazz drum tracks
Pure. Live. Traditional. Jazz Essentials III offers multitrack jazz drum tracks
Traditional Jazz, Bebop, Swing
Traditional Jazz, Latin Jazz, Blues-Jazz
Multi-track Drums for Jazz Standards

400+ jazz drum loops featuring authentic jazz phrasing from a laid-back 100 bpm to blistering 325 bpm. This jazz loop collection is all about traditional jazz,a truly focused set of essential timekeeping grooves for discriminating jazz musicians everywhere.

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!


Jazz Essentials II offers a massive collection of complete live jazz drum tracks. With versatile and essential jazz drumming styles in a wide range of tempos and styles, these live jazz drum tracks offer users over 2 GB of live jazz drum tracks in three easy-to-use style-based sessions.

Please note: These are full-length drum tracks, not loops. It covers traditional jazz styles as well as brush work and Latin-jazz playing styles.

Jazz Essentials III delivers 3.3 GB of live jazz drum tracks, performed as three common jazz song forms. Each song form offers multiple takes with sticks and brushes, providing different interpretations of the music.

Jazz Essentials III offers seven discrete, individual drum tracks: kick, sub kick, snare, overhead left, overhead right, hihat, room ribbon.

Pure. Live. Traditional Jazz.

Jazz multi-track drum tracks
Drum Werks XIV - Latin and Latin Jazz Drums
Multi-track Drums for Jazz Standards
Brazilian Drums

Jazz Essentials IV delivers 3.2 GB of live jazz drum tracks, performed for several jazz standards. Each jazz standard offers multiple takes with sticks and brushes, providing different interpretations of the music.

With a seasoned New York jazz drummer behind a well-traveled set of maple Gretsch drums, this downloadable collection of drum tracks offers fifteen drum performances of many popular jazz standards song forms.

Using both sticks and brushes, there’s a take to inspire any jazz artist or songwriter no matter what the music calls for.

Drum Werks XIV: The Brazilian Kitchen offers a wide variety of Brazilian drum styles in tempos ranging from 75-150 BPM.

Need a little Latin jazz flavor in your tracks? The, get the real thing!

An invaluable resource for classic Bossa and Samba grooves of Rio de Janeiro, to the fresh sounds of Xote, Baiao, Maracatu and more from the Northeast.








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