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Jazz Essentials IV Drum Tracks:

Tired of programming MIDI drums or using the stiff and repetitive jazz loops you're finding online? If you are, then Jazz Essentials IV is for you. It's like having your very own pro New York City jazz drummer at your beck and call. If you want your drums to sound great in the mix, there’s nothing like the real thing: live, musical, and human drumming. What a concept, right?

Having played nearly every jazz club in town, Jazz Essentials IV captures the live playing of a seasoned drummer, with a musical sensibility that comes from countless club dates. Forget trying to program jazz tracks that sound right - get the live playing that will inspire your playing and take your songwriting and chops to the next level.

Whether you write and record jazz for a living or a hobby, Jazz Essentials IV is a powerful resource for all your future jazz drum tracks.

Jazz Essentials IV: Multi-track Jazz Drum Tracks

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3 GB of multi-track jazz drum tracks!

Beta Monkey’s Jazz Essentials IV is a diverse downloadable set of live jazz drum tracks with over 3 GB of jazz drumming performances of essential jazz standards. With the ability to mix to taste, jazz musicians can play-along to full song forms or create countless jazz drum loops from over one hour of live drum tracks.

Jazz Essentials IV delivers 3.2 GB of jazz drum tracks, performed as seven (7) jazz standard song forms. Each standard song form offers multiple takes with sticks and brushes, providing different musical interpretations of the source material.

Jazz Essentials IV offers multiple recording takes for the following jazz standard styles:

  • 70 BPM Jazz Ballad
  • 105 BPM 12-Bar 6-8
  • 168 BPM Five Take 5-4 Jazz
  • 175 BPM 24-Bar Jazz Waltz
  • 200 BPM 32-Bar Swing
  • 200 BPM Samba
  • 240 BPM 12-Bar Fast Swing

With a seasoned New York jazz drummer behind a well-traveled set of maple Gretsch drums, this downloadable collection of jazz drum tracks offers fifteen drum performances of many popular jazz standards song forms. Using both sticks and brushes, there’s a take to inspire any jazz artist or songwriter no matter what the music calls for.

Jazz Essentials IV offers seven (7) discrete mono drum tracks for complete control over the drum mix. Simply import into your DAW and mix to taste. All drums were recorded in a single tracking session for the ultimate in mixing and matching versatility and offered as 24-bit WAV format audio compatible with all major DAW software.

Whether you’re creating jazz backing tracks, composing new jazz tracks, or looking for new sources of inspiration for improv sessions, Jazz Essentials IV will deliver the musically expressive drum tracks you’ve always wanted in your music.

Download the complete Jazz Essentials IV Recording Information, including mics, preamps, and other specifications.

Available as complete song performance takes, seven (7) individual 24-bit WAV tracks with count-ins.

Jazz Essentials IV Demo Previews**
70 BPM Jazz Ballad : Two (2) takes. Brushes, sticks 3:50 (approx.)
105 BPM 12-Bar 6-8 : Two (2) takes. Brushes, sticks 4:45 (approx.)
168 BPM 5-4 Jazz : Two (2) takes, sticks 3:20 (approx.)
175 BPM 24-Bar Jazz Waltz : Two (2) takes. Brushes, sticks 3:15 (approx.)
200 BPM 32-Bar Swing : Three (3) takes. Brushes, sticks 4:00 (approx.)
200 BPM Samba: One (1) take. Brushes, sticks 4:15 (approx.)
240 BPM 12-Bar Swing: Three (3) takes. Brushes, sticks 4:00 (approx.)
** Musical accompaniment is only for demonstration purposes. Jazz Essentials IV is strictly multi-track drum track recordings. The demo mixes have NO processing - only the overhead right and left channels have been panned hard right and left (audience perspective). All levels set to 0.
 Jazz Essentials IV User Submitted Music*
* All user submitted music was created using Jazz Essentials IV drum loops and samples exclusively.


Beta Monkey's Jazz Essentials IV Features:
  • Complete Takes: Each song form is presented in multiple passes to give you different feels and interpretations of the musical form. With an experienced pro behind the kit, you get authentic drumming performances covering traditional jazz, Latin jazz, blues-jazz swing. Performed with both brushes and sticks.

  • More than Jazz Drum Loops: Forget trying to repeat the one or two bar loops found elsewhere. These are complete musical performances of standard jazz song forms. Use "as is" and play along or edit the tracks into custom loops perfect for your next project.

  • Complete Mix Control: All drum performances are offered as seven (7) mono drum tracks. Create the drum mix and blend to fit your music.

  • Superior Rhythmic Realism: No one, two, or four bar loops here. No sequenced MIDI. These are musical performances of 4 minutes or longer. Get the phrasing, feel, and musicality you expect from a seasoned New York jazz drummer. You can't much closer to playing with a real drummer than this collection.

  • Cohesive Tracks: Recorded in a single tracking session, you'll have consistency the one kit in one room with the same recording configuration.


  • 3.24 GB total audio content. 112 mono 24/44 WAV drum tracks. Seven (7) individual tracks included for each recording take.


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