Jazz Essentials IIJazz Essentials II Latin Jazz, 3/4 Jazz, Blues/Jazz Swing Drum Tracks

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Available for instant download and includes all available loop formats.

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Jazz Essentials II Drum Tracks: When we decided to do another jazz release, we knew we should do it differently than our other discs. We knew that doing a "loops only" CD would be somewhat limiting, given the nature of the genre.

So, we decided to do a true jazz sample CD with FULL DRUM TAKES and NO LOOPS! From every roll and cymbal nuance on the disc comes the beauty of that truly unique sound of jazz - live, spontaneous, and human.

The tracks should give you plenty to work with and, if you want even more, fire up your audio editor and get cutting. Countless loops await you loopaholics out there!

Remember: Jazz Essentials II is all drum tracks and not loops. There are three sessions on the DVD which are entirely compatible with each other.

Enjoy the swinging grooves!

BETA MONKEY Jazz Essentials II: Complete Jazz Drum Tracks

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An exhaustive resource for jazz drum tracks!

We took a decidely different approach for the next installment in the Jazz Essentials Series. This collection of jazz drum tracks offers full live takes of essential jazz drumming styles in a wide range of tempos and styles.

You get the full takes, with 100% live jazz drum tracks lasting from 3-12 minutes in performance length. Due to the nature of this genre, we wanted to go with the live feel and not relegate great playing and phrasing to a collection of one, two, or four bar jazz loops. Each track begins with basic timekeeping and continues to build in complexity and intensity - adding complex syncopations and usable jazz phrasings. It's easy to grab a few bars of the phrases you need or use the tracks "as is" to play along and build improvisational skills.

Perfect for playing along or for grabbing just the bars you need. An absolute wealth of traditional jazz drum tracks, played with impeccable taste and time. Without question, an exhaustive resource covering a wide range of popular jazz playing styles and tempos.

Jazz Essentials II offers users nearly 2.1 GB of live jazz drum tracks, divided into three easy-to-use categories:

SESSION A - Traditional Jazz Drums 60-120 BPM

SESSION B - Traditional Jazz Drum 135-200 BPM

SESSION C - Latin Jazz, 3/4 Jazz, Blues/Jazz Swing Drums

We let the tape roll and captured it all - all the swing you crave as well as the warmth of a maple Gretsch drumset to deliver a versatile resource of jazz and jazz-latin drumming and grooves. All tempos offer a dedicated groove section - from basic time-keeping to the "let loose" syncopations of the genre as well as a dedicated fills sections, complete with intros, pick-ups, and endings. And, to round out the disc's versatility, we've included a matching set of multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples from the kit used in recording the loops.

So, whether you want to play along and hone your chops comping with the full source tracks or dig out your audio editor and construct your next jazz project with loops, the rhythmic possibilities of Jazz Essentials II are limitless. It will quickly become an indispensable compositional tool in any jazz musician's sample library.

Available in 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV and APPLE LOOPS.

Jazz Essentials II Drum Tracks
Note: All jazz tracks noted as "Groove Tracks" include basic time-keeping, multiple grooves and variations, and fills. "Fills Only" tracks are exclusively fills - intros, pick-ups, trading licks, and endings. See below for audio samples.
SESSION A Previews Track Time
60 BPM Traditional Jazz 3:16
60 BPM Jazz Drum Fills 1:54
75 BPM Traditional Jazz 4:00
75 BPM Jazz Drum Fills 1:00
90 BPM Traditional Jazz 3:51
90 BPM Jazz Fills 2:40
105 BPM Traditional Jazz 5:47
105 BPM Jazz Fills 4:07
120 BPM Traditional Jazz 12:14
120 BPM Jazz Fills 6:54
SESSION B Previews  
135 BPM Jazz Drum Track 3:46
135 BPM Drum Fills Only Track 5:54
150 BPM Jazz Drum Track 10:31
150 BPM Fills Only Track 8:33
175 BPM Jazz Drum Track 5:30
175 BPM Fills Only Track 4:51
200 BPM Jazz Drum Track 3:29
200 BPM Fills Only Track 3:15
SESSION C Previews  
60 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drum Track 2:07
75 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 2:03
75 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drums 2:10
90 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:39
90 BPM Blues-Jazz Drum Track 3:28
105 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drum Track 4:30
105 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:25
105 BPM Blues-Jazz Swing Drum Track 3:15
120 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drum Track 5:49
120 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:42
120 BPM Blues-Jazz Swing Drum Track 2:14
135 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drum Track 3:30
135 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:20
150 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drum Track 3:56
150 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:48
175 BPM Latin, Latin-Jazz Drum Track 1:45
175 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:30
200 BPM 3/4 Jazz Drum Track 1:31
 Jazz Essentials II User Submitted Music*
* All user submitted music was created using Jazz Essentials II drum loops and samples exclusively.


Beta Monkey's Jazz Essentials II Features:
  • Multiple Jazz Drumming Styles: Authentic drumming performances covering traditional jazz as well as Latin jazz, 3/4 jazz, blues-jazz swing Drum performances. Performed with brushes and sticks.

  • More than Loops:: The ten (10) complete source jazz drum tracks range between 3-12 minutes long, mixed and ready for you to use to improv, comp, or trade off. Use "as is" and play along or edit the tracks into custom loops perfect for your next project. Not like the "typical" jazz sample libraries currently available.

  • Wide Range of Tempos: 60 BPM to 200 BPM tracks give users a full range of tempos, with tracks presented in 15 BPM increments.

  • Superior Rhythmic Realism: No one, two, or four bar repeated loops here! Full tracks convey the authentic phrasing, feel, and sound that is uniquely jazz. Get drum performances with total jazz feel and expression.

  • High-End Production: High-End Production: Recorded in a World-Class Recording Studio, the in-house studio for a well-known jazz record label and performance space.

  • Cohesive Groove Sets: All tracks are taken from a single recording session. One mix, one kit, one room. Consistency is the key here.

  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: A complete set of multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded. Build more grooves from scratch or use them to augment the drum tracks to fit your music.


  • 2.07 GB original, license-free 24/44 WAV or AIFF drum tracks. 16/44 WAV version is aprox. 1.5 GB.

  • 94 (102 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples (available as instant download with 24 Bit purchase).

  • Available in 16/44, 24/44 ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS and REX2 formats. ALL ACIDized WAV, and APPLE formats included on DVD.


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