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L.A. III RECORDING SESSIONS: Take one of the best studio drummers in L.A., add one of the hardest-working and sought-after recording engineers, and put them together in one of L.A.'s exclusive drum rooms and this is what you get. We loved this combo enough to return three times.

Pure acoustic drum bliss - all live and natural, with a versatile mix that will work for multiple styles of music. The following collections were are cut during our L.A. III drum recording sessions:

Drum Werks XXVIII offers infectious uptempo and fast rock drum loops. Perfect for tracks needing the high octane feel and power of John Bonham, Simon Phillips, Alex Van Halen, and Dave Grohl.

Whether you need hard rock, classic rock or alt rock drum tracks, put these live studio drum loops to inspired use. Grooves sets ranging from 125 BPM to 180 BPM will deliver live, punchy, and powerful rock drums to your DAW of choice.

Part of the L.A. III Sessions.

Drum Werks XXVII Powerful groove rock drum loops, settled right in the heart of the "groove zone" between 90 bpm to 120 bpm.

Straight-ahead, hard-hitting songwriting drum tools inspired by some of rock's greatest drumming performances and played by one of the best studio drummers in L.A. This sample library weighs in at a hefty 850 MB of pure, live rock drums.

Part of the L.A. III Sessions.

Drum Werks XXVI With a versatile collection of live ballad drum tracks covering tempos from 40 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXVI: Rock Ballads will lay the foundation for any ballad or slow rock songwriting. Hold the tempo, keep the power.

If you're inspired by The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Aerosmith, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton or any other artist who has lived on the softer side of rock, then these loops will serve you and your music well.

Part of the L.A. III Sessions.

Drum Werks XXV Need to take your 6/8 drum tracks up a notch? With 263 up-tempo 6/8 drum loops ranging from 70 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXV delivers a solid and versatile mix of 6/8 drumming groove feels and gives you a full songwriting arsenal to quickly and easily build new and inspiring drum tracks.

Within the 6/8 time signature, you can dig into straight 8th beats, half-time grooves, shuffles, and other 6/8 groove styles. Drum Werks XXV is the only exclusively 6/8 drum loop collection available today.

Part of the L.A. III Sessions.

Drum Werks XXIV 600+ MB of versatile 6/8 drumming whether you need no-nonsense straight 8ths or shuffle feels.

Drum Werks XXIV: Slow 6-8-Drum-Loops offers extensive coverage between 30 bpm and 60 bpm to inspire your songwriting with live 6/8 time drum loops. Like no other loop collection available - exclusively 6/8 grooves!

Part of the L.A. III Sessions.

L.A. RETURNS RECORDING SESSIONS: A very similar recording setup as the "L.A. Sessions" and the "L.A. III Sessions" utilizing the same room as well as signal chain. Our usual go-to recording engineer was brought in to dial in the sweetest, most natural acoustic drum sounds we could capture. Forget the extreme EQ to correct bad sounding drums or heavy-handed compression to compensate for amateur drummers - we brought in the pros who do this daily and tracked it all for the L.A. Returns Sessions.

Want live acoustic drums that breathe the way they should? Anything from the L.A. Returns sessions will do your music right:

Drum Werks XXIII Blues drumming is all about fat backbeats, tasty fills, and, most important, feel. If your blues drum tracks need inspiration, Drum Werks XXIII delivers live, 100% acoustic blues drums.

Spanning 45 bpm to 140 bpm, Drum Werks XXIII offers no-nonsense 12/8, shuffles, Charleston shuffles and other shuffle-based grooves.

Part of the L.A. Returns Sessions.

Drum Werks XXII Ska drum loops with 100% live ska beats, multiple beat variations and wicked fills.

Whether you do traditional or more contemporary ska styles, your music must have high-energy and live acoustic drums. This beat library is all about the swinging grooves for any ska songwriting as well as ska-influenced music like Drum & bass, dub or dubstep.

Part of the L.A. Returns Sessions.

Drum Werks XXI Inspired by the traditional reggae grooves you know and love, these versatile live reggae drum loops reggae beats with a modern sensibility - perfect for building reggae drum tracks for traditional reggae or hybrid rock-reggae styles.

This collection of reggae includes One drop, Rocker and Stepper variations. Whether you need the traditional one drop kick on three or the four beat flow of a stepper variation, your beats will deliver the hypnotic and constant drive of authentic reggae riddims.

Part of the L.A. Returns Sessions.

Rock Hard Funk III Hybrid Funk Drums takes funk drum loops to another level of groove inspiration and inventiveness.

Combining infectious backbeat funk to ear-bending jazz-rock hip-hop fusion hybrid grooves, this drum sample library is jam-packed with inventive syncopation and drum beats that defy definition.

More than 800 MB of modern funk drumming with 450 two, four and eight bar drum loops for endless songwriting options. It’s funky quality and quantity, all in Rock Hard Funk III.

Part of the L.A. Returns Sessions.

Rock Hard Funk II Classic Funk Drums With a modern drum mix, Rock Hard Funk II serves up the roots of funk and rock drumming in one powerful collection of staple funk drum loops.

Solid, pocket funk grooves for pop rock tracks or wickedly syncopated RnB grooves, Rock Hard Funk II is a versatile set of funk drum samples for any songwriting project in need of the groove. Break it down with the syncopated solution to your groove needs with over 400 new funk beats.

Capturing 9 funk drum track performances ranging from 50-175bpm, we recorded one of the funkiest players in L.A. to channel the foundations of funk like P-Funk and blend in hip hop beats for an exciting new amalgam of funk goodness. Rock Hard Funk II has it all: syncopated funk grooves, dance/disco four on the floor beats, breakdown grooves, fast funky break, low-down dirty funkiness.

Part of the L.A. Returns Sessions.

L.A. SESSIONS: Our first session out in L.A. helped us get that venerable L.A. Sound - tight, focused, punchy drums that are as easily right for your music as they are for anything on the radio (live drums, that is). Grabbing one of the best studio drummers in town (one of our childhood idols, we might add), we proceeded to spend two days laying down tight, pocket backbeats for a powerful collection of rock beats Recorded in one of L.A.'s best drum rooms, we got a great drum mix and covered multiple essential rock drum styles.

This series is all about powerful acoustic drums, ready for your rock drum tracks. When you want your drums on demand and ready to rock, trust the L.A. Sessions will deliver pure rock drum loops and samples that truly satisfy.

Drum Werks XX offers a powerful and versatile collection of rock grooves. With 423 drum loops to inspire modern rock and alt rock songwriters, this library is geared for the mid and up-tempo range from 80 bpm to 130 bpm.

Whether you need deep in-the-pocket drum tracks at 90 bpm or more driving drum beats at 130 bpm, this live collection of rock, alternative, indie-rock drum loops offers the vital live feel to inspire your songwriting.

Part of the L.A. Sessions.

Drum Werks XIX: Rock, Indie, Alt Rock Drums Geared for contemporary rock and alt rock styles, the tempo focus is between 60 bpm and 90 bpm.

Whether you need laid-back, in-the-pocket drum tracks or aggressive mid-tempo drum beats, this live collection of rock, alternative, pop-rock drum loops will supply the live feel to inspire and set your music apart.

Part of the L.A. Sessions.

Drum Werks XVIII: Piccolo Pop Rock A little bit funk. A little bit pop. And a whole lot of rock! This pop rock inspired collection features a unique power pop sound to inspire your pop-rock songwriting.

The featured voice - a sleek 13" x 3" steel shell piccolo snare - provides the quintessential pop and bright snare tone for modern rock and pop (not to mention a few others). With a high-pitched attack and tight projection, Drum Werks XVIII: Piccolo Grooves will inspire a whole different side of your songwriting.

Part of the L.A. Sessions.

Drum Werks XVII: Signature Rock Drums The only rock drum loop library to own if you're after the signature drum beats of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Van Halen, and more.

Get the most recognizable drum grooves ever recorded into your music and inspire a new generation of rock. Drum Werks XVII offers over 300 power rock drum loops and a complete matching drum sample library. Ready to rock? Time for Drum Werks XVII: Signature Rock Grooves.

Part of the L.A. Sessions.

Drum Werks XVI: More L.A. Rock Essentials If you write rock, the L.A. Sessions offer pure rock drum loops and samples in the purest form - live, unquantized, powerful drum performances from start to finish.

Kick your rock songwriting projects into high gear with what they need: no-nonsense, hard-hitting rock drumming. Covering the tempos between 50 and 160 bpm, Drum Werks XVI is the uptempo sidekick to Drum Werks XV.

Part of the L.A. Sessions.

Drum Werks XV: L.A. Rock Essentials Big L.A. drum sounds on this collection of powerful rock drum loops. Thick, meaty session drums that will inspire rock songwriters no matter who they are. If you rock, you need the real deal in your rock drum tracks.

Nearly 250 4 and 8-bar drum loops geared for classic and contemporary heavy rock styles, Drum Werks XV covers a wide range of rock drum styles from powerful slow grooves to aggressive up-tempo power rock.

Part of the L.A. Sessions.

ROCKING NASHVILLE SESSIONS: When we went to track drum tracks for our Pure Country Series, one location was the only one even mentioned: Nashville. Sure, everyone knows that, right? But, while in Nashville, we learned a few things that go well beyond country music. We learned the level of musicianship in town is unsurpassed - walk into any club, bar, or honky-tonk and you'll see and hear world-class players on every instrument. We also learned that musicians in Nashville are extremely efficient and productive - when the clock is running, work gets done. We also learned that Nashville is a great rock town as well as other styles you'd never expect from the capital of country music.

We used a timeless classic for a drumkit - the Yamaha Recording Custom drumset -- and dialed in a great, live drum mix in one of the best-sounding (as well as best-looking) drum rooms in town. A well-conditioned API board was brought in to capture the sweetest subtleties of live brush work as well as the thick, punchy country, country-rock, and rock drum tones you've heard on countless country-rock hits. These Rocking Nashville Sessions remain some of our favorite sounding drum tracks to this day.

Drum Werks XII: Blues Get out the guitar and get ready to lay it down to some greasy blues goodness!

This essential set of blues drum styles, from laid-back 12/8 to blistering uptempo shuffle feels, will inspire new blues tracks. 650+ drum loops for blues with all the traditional must-haves: shuffles, 12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, blues-rock shuffles, uptempo boogies and more! Drum Werks XII is for the bluesman in all of us.

Part of the Rocking Nashville Series.

Drum Werks XI: Rock With 550+ big rock grooves, Drum Werks XI serves up rock and hard rock from 100 BPM through 200 BPM.

With a huge, open drum mix, we took advantage of one of the best drum rooms in Nashville to make your rock drum tracks come alive. The foundation of any big rock song is the drum track. Start your next rock songwriting project off right with the Drum Werks XI UpTempo Rock Sample Collection

Part of the Rocking Nashville Series.

Drum Werks IX: Rock If you're after a live, big rock sound, then Drum Werks IX will bring the powerful grooves to your DAW. A spacious room, a Yamaha Recording Custom kit, and two days of pounding out rock beats - what does that give you? A powerful live library of must-have rock grooves!

Versatile loops for classic rock, modern rock, or heavy instrumental rock, Drum Werks IX can hold its own in anything you call rock. If you want solid backbeats as well as syncopated "chops" Drum Werks IX's power rock grooves is a potent package of inspiration for all rock musicians.

Part of the Rocking Nashville Series.

Pure Country V Swing Brushes We captured an extensive collection of drum loops featuring brushes that swing.

For artists who write traditional folk music, bluegrass, rockabilly and honky-tonk, or anyone needing the subtle and shifting swing of live brush work. There is no substitute for the real thing, especially when it comes to brushes.

Over 350 acoustic brush drum loops with true Nashville sounds and drumming ready for your next songwriting project.

Part of the Rocking Nashville Sessions.

Pure Country IV 3/4, 6/8 Brush Drum Loops A focused collection of 3/4 and 6/8 brush drum grooves for multiple styles of country music as well as folk, ballads, and bluegrass.

Featuring brush loops exclusively in 3/4 and 6/8 time, Pure Country IV gives songwriters a versatile drum collection of acoustic grooves, fills, one shots and single hit samples with over 340 brush and stick combo drum loops

Part of the Rocking Nashville Sessions.

Pure Country III NASHVILLE BRUSHES™ Country Brush Drum Loops If you want to write country music, all roads lead to Nashville. And, that's exactly where we went for the drum recording sessions that became Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes™.

This all-brushes collection of country drum samples is the real deal in country drums. It brings the authentic sounds of Nashville with a seasoned veteran behind the drumkit, recording a lifetime of country music experience in this library of brushed drum parts for traditional styles of country and country-western music.

This complete country songwriting package offers over 400 acoustic brush and stick drum loops and a complete drum sample set. If your music needs the unique feel and texture of brushes, then Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes™ will deliver true Nashville songwriting inspiration.

Part of the Rocking Nashville Sessions.

Pure Country I: Modern Country, Country Rock Drum Loops Recorded in Nashville to bring authentic drum styles and sounds to your drum tracks, whether it's traditional country or more modern country rock. Inspire your songwriting with the tracks recorded in the home of country music.

Finding one of Nashville's best drum rooms, we spent two days capturing the room, the drums and the drummer. What resulted is over 500 drum loops in nine (9) different tempo folders, covering straight and swung drum feels.

If you need real country drum tracks, recorded in the epicenter of country music, then you need Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville.™

Part of the Rocking Nashville Sessions.

THE PLANT SESSIONS: Now, this was a helluva room! Recorded at The Plant in Sausalito, CA, we went into the big room to capture drums for The Plant Sessions. And, when we say big, we mean absolutely huge. No exaggeration necessary, this was, without question the biggest recording space we had ever put drums in - it was absolutely massive in width and length as well as height. It easily went up 50'-70'.

But, the sound was totally controlled and workable - it could be as huge as you wanted or as dry and intimate as you needed. It was clear to see why this was the go-to room in the Bay Area when it came to drums, whether it was a soft rock act like Fleetwood Mac or heavier groups like Metallica (when they rocked, that is). Speaking of Metallica, an interesting engineer's story came up while we recorded there.

After loading in and getting set, we just happened to be observing the space and noticed that the walls had a distinct line where one color of blue paint ended and another, slightly different shade of blue began. We weren't sure why such an obvious and noticeable difference in color was on these studio walls, so we asked. Sure enough, the reason became clear. When Metallica recorded Garage, Inc in Studio A, Lars evidently didn't feel the drums were "big enough." So, rather than moving recording to a bigger (not sure if one existed within 500 miles of Sausalito) or different room, what does the band do?

Now, mind you, this is the mid-90's and the band was flush with cash, having ridden the massive wave of airplay, touring, and recorded sales that was the Black album. Well, Metallica put recording on hold and had the roof of The Plant studios raised. By a good 30 feet or more. Right where the two tones of blue paint met was The Plant studios pre- and post-Metallica. So, Lars got the bigger room he wanted and recording proceeded as planned, right? Well, according to our recording engineer, they still wound up flying in samples to get the drums big enough for Lar's liking. All the studio renovation expenses, months of delay in recording, and they still turned to drum samples. Ah, rock and roll delusions of grandeur.

And, here we were recording a few drum loop packs for a few days in rather un-Metallica-like fashion, no-frills and all. A great time, with some great drumming styles captured in these sessions.

Rock Hard Funk I Bay Area Funk Fusion Add some live fusion funk drums to your sample collection with Rock Hard Funk!

Over 1000 hard grooves spanning 55 bpm to 156 bpm, Rock Hard Funk I mixes a rock attitude with a funk and fusion sensibility. Its live and open sound will cut through your mix, with crisp snares and EFX percussion and the playing will take your fusion and funk drum tracks to a whole other dimension.

A true powerhouse of groove, whether you're after heavy four on the floor grooves, accented syncopation on the hats, bursts of snare fills or implied metric modulation - few funk groove collections can touch the groove foundations of Rock Hard Funk I.

Part of the Record Plant Sessions.

Odd Time Meltdown I delivers highly technical progressive rock and fusion grooves in multiple odd time signatures. Take a bit of Oakland funk, mix it with Zappa-esque recklessness and you've got a collection of drum beats that stands apart from the pack.

This exciting mix of odd meter drum loops, inspired by classic fusion and prog-rock performances delivers 500 live, acoustic drum loops for artists who need an eclectic mixture of rock, fusion, and progressive rock.

Covering insanely syncopated drum styles in 5, 7, 9 odd time signatures, Odd Time Meltdown is the original odd meter drum sample resource. Often imitated, but never duplicated.

Part of the Record Plant Sessions.

Jazz Essentials I offers traditional jazz drum loops in a versatile royalty-free collection of 400 jazz drum loops.

Songwriters will quickly find the jazz groove they need, with authentic jazz stylings at a cool and relaxed 100 bpm to cooking and blistering bop at 325 bpm - there's a jazz groove here for everyone.

Covering the essential jazz patterns on four different ride cymbals, the traditional jazz drumming feels and phrasings offer a truly focused set of jazz grooves.

Part of the Record Plant Sessions.

BROOKLYN SESSIONS: Recording in one of Brooklyn's renowned recording studios, we went into these sessions looking for that earthy, gritty sound that has that alt and indie attitude from top to bottom. Punchy, crisp, thick, but decidedly light on the processing polish - the type of sound that would work in a number of musical contexts because the natural sounds of an acoustic drumkit can and should be that versatile.

Covering styles from America roots to alt-rock and indie-rock, songwriters who want some rough and tumble attitude in their drum tracks will find thousands of beats and fills to choose for inspiration.

Drum Werks VI: Americana Roots Rock Ideal for alt-country and Americana songwriting styles as well as blues, rock, and country rock tracks.

With shuffles, 12/8 patterns, and other swing feels, this collection of 700 acoustic drum loops offers 18 different groove sets, from 6/8 blues ballad grooves to high-energy 180 BPM rock shuffles.

If you are looking for natural, lively acoustic drum tracks, Drum Werks VI has the classic rock n roll feels and attitude you're after.

Drum Werks V: Grunge, Indie Rock is all alive law and raw drums. Over 700 acoustic drum loops in 12 different styles for grunge, indie, alt pop rock drum tracks. If you want real drums, this is your sample library.

This disc has a real early grunge vibe to it, capturing the early days of Sub Pop records when the drums were live, raw, and energetic. No slick, over-processed drum sounds here - just live real drums ready for your next alt-indie songwriting project.

If you write real, raw, dirty alt rock, Drum Werks V should be in your drum loop and sample library.

Drum Werks IV: New York Rock Pop Get that authentic New York Indie Rock sound. This collection of grooves includes both straight and shuffled feels to enhance and inspire your rock and pop drum tracks.

Whether you're looking for a gritty garage rock vibe or a dense, hypnotic swinging beat, Drum Werks IV drums will drop right into songwriting process with effective results.

A pure drum resource of drum loops and fills straight out of New York City to keep any songwriter busy for months.


Drum Werks VIII: Indie Rock The follow-up to Drum Werks VII, Drum Werks VII brings the same sounds and mix to different tempos and groove styles.

Write alt and indie rock or pop? Drum Werks VIII serves up 650 beats and fills from 65 bpm to 150 bpm. With it's natural, roomy mix, the loops are versatile enough to create drum tracks for other genres such as pop, experimental, and electronic music as well.

Part of the River Sessions Series.

Drum Werks VII: Indie Rock offers 900 acoustic drum loops and a complete matching multi-velocity sample set, covering diverse modern indie pop and rock drum beats.

A diverse drum sample collection to inspire pop, indie, and modern rock drum tracks quickly and easily ACID WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 loop formats. Your drum tracks will shine with great rock feel and live, rock solid energy. Drum Werks VII is a versatile single session of beats and fills that will inspire your next songwriting project.

Part of the River Sessions Series.

Pure Country II: Alt Country Drum Loops Some call it alt country. Some call it Americana. Some call it country-rock. No matter what you call it, it's all about an earthy, gritty, acoustic drum sound - not the big polish and presence of more mainstream country tracks.

We took some alt rock attitude, a touch of folk and roots rock, and a bunch of country sensibility to capture the drumming styles of rockabilly, roots rock, folk, bluegrass, alternative rock. Collectively, Pure Country II is a truly organic collection of country drum loops for artists who want a rawer and more in-your-face drum mix and performace.

Part of the River Sessions Series.


Double Bass Mania VI: Triplets of Doom will satisfy the urge for heavy drum grooves with space, power, and swing.

Nothing but heavy, uber-slow doom drumming to be found, ready to serve as the rhythmic foundation of your next doom metal project. We've assembled a healthy mix of single and double kick beats and included a matching drum sample set as well. Double Bass Mania VI swings the sludge and dirge hard.

Agonizingly slow and brutally heavy, Double Bass Mania VI: Triplets of Doom is the ultimate drum loops package resource for pure doom metal songwriting inspiration.

Compatible with Double Bass Mania V.

Double Bass Mania V Doom Metal The only sample collection for doom metal. This heavy and hypnotic collection of doom metal drum loops covers the insanely sludgy tempos between 25 and 60 bpm.

If you write doom, stoner, and sludge metal, this is the definitive drum track resource. Inspired by a number of doom metal bands, we captured the hypnotic jazz-influenced doom metal of Black Sabbath, and continued with the modern doom sounds of Candlemass and My Dying Bride.

Fuse the ultra-slow heaviness a modern drum mix and Double Bass Mania V is the only source for true doom metal drumming, all in one drum sample set with hundreds of brutally heavy grooves. Let the agonizing gloom and doom begin.

Compatible with Double Bass Mania VI.


Double Bass Mania IV Power Metal Drums With 1100+ double bass metal grooves, Double Bass Mania IV delivers 1 GB of pure modern groove power metal.

Double Bass Mania IV is all about power and groove metal, spanning the tempos that give you the space to rip it up with your heaviest riffs. Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal lays it down with sheer power and authority, focusing exclusively on the power metal tempos found between 90-120 bpm. Tempo-wise, the coverage on the sample set is exactly half of those found on Double Bass Mania III.

It's not about speed on this one - it's about the power.

Pair this with Double Bass Mania IV for the ultimate in Power Metal inspiration.

Double Bass Mania III Death, Speed Metal Drums This collection is the fastest and most brutal speed and death metal drum loops we offer. Everything is fast and furious. It's all adrenaline, from start to finish.

This metal drum samples set features 666+ insanely fast and brutal double bass grooves, blastbeats, skanks, - in various combinations and styles. Double Bass Mania III delivers the pure speed of death metal with no regrets or apologies.

Double Bass Mania III: Death and Speed Metal is for speed freaks who live and die by the blastbeat between 180 bpm and 240 bpm.

Pair this with Double Bass Mania III for the ultimate in Power Metal inspiration.


Double Bass Mania VII Modern Metal Drums unleashes nearly 1 GB of pure metal. Thick and intense grooves with live feel and modern metal sensibility, delivering essential metal drum loops.

Recorded and mixed by one of modern metal's leading producers, Double Bass Mania VII serves up powerful toms, cracking snares, dark cymbals, and punchy kicks. With 600+ (750+ MB) drum loops and 250 MB of drum samples, Double Bass Mania VII powers through the tempos between 80 bpm to 110 bpm.

Blasts, straight-ahead power grooves, half-time breakdowns, double-time blastbeats and skanks, Double Bass Mania VII will satisfy your thirst for pure modern metal drum tracks and unleashes modern metal fury.

Double Bass Mania VII Modern Metal Drums The follow-up to Double Bass Mania VII, Double Bass Mania VII serves up more powerful metal tracks, with an emphasis on higher tempos (120 bpm and up). With hundreds of powerfully modern metal loops and drum samples, Double Bass Mania VIII will rip through any guitar track you can throw at it.






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