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100% pure rock drum loops

Rock Drum Tracks for fast hard rock and classic rock
Rock Drum Tracks at home in the groove zone. 90 bpm-120 bpm
 Drum Werks XXVI is your drum track construction kit for rock ballads
Fast Rock
Classic Guitar Rock
Ballads, Soft Rock

Want to take your tempos up a notch? Drum Werks XXVIII is an all-live, 100% high-energy rock drum sample library that takes no prisioners and offers no apologies.

If youe songwriting needs the grooves of Bonham, Van Halen, or Grohl, Drum Werks XXVIII is for you - a powerful source of rock drum loops inspired as much by the classic grooves of rock as much as more contemporary rock styles. Just pure, live rock drums. Forget the pretenders and put some power in your drum tracks.

Part of the L.A. Three Sessions.

Rock drumming covering the range of tempos we call the "groove zone" - 90 bpm through 120 bpm.

Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock offers dynamic drumming styles from hard rock and classic rock to alt and pop rock. Create powerful rock drum tracks instantly with Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock.

Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock will inspire your rock songs with live and powerful acoustic rock drum loops.

Part of the L.A. Three Sessions.

Slow things down and let the groove breathe with Drum Werks XXVI: Rock Ballads.

Rock ballads or spacious acoustic rock, we've dialed the click track back and let the grooves open up.

Create rock ballad tracks from 40 bpm to 100 bpm, and inspire your most sensitive and emotional compositions. If you're an artist who has sometimes lives on the "softer" side of rock, then these live and spacious acoustic drum tracks will serve you and your music well.

Part of the L.A. Three Sessions.

Pure acoustic 6/8 drum loops for uptempo drum tracks
Louder. Faster. Heavier. Double Bass Mania II: The Return of the Beast unleahes a relentless onslaught of 800+ fast and furious double bass grooves.
 Drum Werks XXIII delivers classic blues drum loops, authentic shuffles, and 12/8 drum tracks
UpTempo 6/8
Mellow 6/8
Traditional Blues

Need to take your 6/8 drum tracks up a notch? With 263 up-tempo 6/8 drum loops ranging from 70 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXV delivers a solid and versatile collection of 6/8 drumming styles to gives you a full songwriting arsenal to quickly and easily build new and inspiring drum tracks.

Within the 6/8 time signature, you can dig into straight 8th note grooves, half-time feels, shuffled feels, and more. Drum Werks XXV is the only exclusively 6/8 drum loop collection available today.

Beautifully lush and spacious 6/8 drum loops, ranging from 30 bpm to 60 bpm. Whether you're writing a 6/8 rock or country ballad, moody alt and indie rock or intense progressive soundscapes, Drum Werks XXIV will deliver an exhaustive variety of rhythms within the 6/8 time signature, including straight 8th note grooves, half-time feels, and swing feels.

Drum Werks XXIV is entirely focused on the 6/8 time signature. Drum Werks XXIV is a complete songwriting solution for multiple styles of rock,country, pop, prog-rock that rely on the 6/8 time signature.


Delivering a variety of authentic shuffle and 12/8 drum beats, Drum Werks XXIII offers a wide variety of classic blues drum loops to inspire your music, whether you are writing for traditional blues styles or more contemporary ones.

Get the grooves that defines all the blues greats. Whether you're inspired by traditional blues like Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, B. B. King or go for a more rock-infused Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton or Joe Bonamassa vibe, these greasy pocket grooves will build the foundation of your next blues project.

Uptempo and driving ska beats or dark and laid-back ska grooves, a versatile collection of ska drum loops
Pure, live Reggae Drum Loops
Triplets of doom - Power doom metal with heavy Black Sabbath swing feels
Alt, Indie Power Pop Rock

Inspired by classic and contemporary reggae drumming performances, Drum Werks XXI Reggae Drums is versatile and wicked collection of reggae drum loops.

Capturing the essence of the reggae drummers of the 70's who set the standard for the elusive reggae feel and styles, grooves feature one drop beats as well as rocker variations, straight or triplet swing feels. This collection of reggae includes One drop, Rocker and Stepper variations.

These high-quality reggae drum loops are the perfect groove solution for reggae and rock-reggae drum tracks, delivering grooves to inspire artists after a pure reggae vibe as well as hybrid styles of rock-reggae.


With a wealth of ska and ska-hybrid grooves, Drum Werks XXII is our exclusive collection of Ska beats played by one of the top session players in L.A., versatile enough for traditional as well as modern interpretations of the ska genre.

Drum Werks XXII Ska Grooves is also the perfect companion disc to Drum Werks XXI: Reggae Grooves.


Drum Werks XX offers a powerful and versatile up-tempo collection of rock, alt rock, and indie rock grooves, the perfect complement to Drum Werks XIX.

With 423 drum loops (including main grooves, variations, and fills) to inspire modern rock and alt rock songwriters, this library is geared for the mid and up-tempo range from 80 bpm to 130 bpm.

This live collection of rock, alternative, indie-rock drum loops offers the vital live feel to inspire your songwriting.


Drum Werks XIX - rock, alternative, indie-rock drum loops
Drum Werks XVIII - Piccolo driven pop rock, with doses of alt-funk and garage rock drum loops
Drum Werks XVII - Classic rock drum loops based on Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, Toto, Hendrix.
Alt, Indie, Garage Rock
Alt, Indie, Funk-Rock
Classic Rock

Drum Werks XIX, with 300+ contemporary rock and alt rock drum loops, delivers a powerful and versatile mix of contemporary alt and indie rock grooves to inspire your songwriting.

With tempos between 60 bpm and 90 bpm, create laid-back, in-the-pocket drum tracks or aggressive mid-tempo drum beats. This library of rock, alternative, pop-rock drum loops will supply the live feel to inspire and set your music apart.

Part of the L.A. Rock Essentials Series


Drum Werks XVIII takes the unique piccolo snare voice and delivers up a punchy mix of essential rock and pop grooves, in a wide-range of tempos from 60 BPM to 140 BPM.

Choose from hundreds of funky, pop, rock grooves, groove variations, and fills to complete your funk, funk-rock, or alt-funk project with a uniquely powerful sound and unparalleled realism.

Part of the L.A. Rock Essentials Series.

An homage to the great signature grooves of the bands that made rock what it is: powerful, unrelenting, and inspiring.

This is the rock drum loop library to own if you're after the time-tested drum tracks of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Van Halen, and more. Drum Werks XVII brings your songwriting a ready-to-eat buffet of classic rock grooves.

Part of the L.A. Rock Essentials Series


Classic and hard rock drum loops - Drum Werks XVI
Rock and hard rock drum loops - Drum Werks XV
Latin Drum Loops - Authentic Brazilian Drum Loops
Rock and Hard Rock
Classic, Hard Rock
Latin, Brazilian

More rock drum loop essentials on the companion library to Drum Werks XV. Powerful uptempo rock drum loops from our L.A. Sessions - classic power rock 'til you drop.

For all styles of rock and hard rock, Drum Werks XVI is compatible with all L.A. Essentials Sessions™.

Over 240 powerful rock drum loops recorded in one of Los Angeles' premier recording rooms. No-nonsense acoustic classic rock drum loops!

For all styles of rock and hard rock, Drum Werks XV is compatible with all L.A. Essentials Sessions™.

Looking for Latin drum loops? These essential Brazilian rhythms on the drum set will inspire you to a new level of groove!

Drum Werks XIV: The Brazilian Kitchen offers a wide variety of Brazilian drum styles in tempos ranging from 75-150 BPM. With eight (8) complete Groove Sets™, Drum Werks XIV will be your go-to disc for the classic Bossa and Samba grooves of Rio de Janeiro, to the fresh sounds of Xote, Baiao, Maracatu and more from the Northeast.


Power metal drum loops, Pantera-style power grooves
Doom Metal Drum Loops - Slow dirges and heavy doomy thickness
Triplets of doom - Power doom metal with heavy Black Sabbath swing feels
MoTown-Inspired Funk, RnB
Blues, Bluesy-Rock
Up-Tempo Hard Rock

Drum Werks XIII: Funky Motown offers nearly 500 soul, R&B, funk, and funk-rock drum loops from 60 -150 BPM.

With seven (7) complete Groove Sets™, Drum Werks XIII delivers old-school grooves with that classic funk and R&B Motown sound.

If you're after real funky MoTown drums With a crisp dry snare, deep thuddy kick, and thick toms, Drum Werks XIII will inspire with pure, natural, honest funky goodness.

650+ blues drum loops for traditional 12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, blues-rock shuffles, uptempo boogies and more blues goodness.

Drum Werks XII lays it down hard for the bluesman in all of us. From a laid-back 60 BPM to a blistering boogie collection at 180 BPM, Drum Werks XII will serves up the powerful blues grooves your tracks deserve. Inspire your next blues project with some stone cold blues.

Drum Werks XI is the rocking follow-up to Drum Werks XI and another powerful collection of rock drum grooves.

Focusing on mid and upper tempos with 550+ new pounding grooves, Drum Werks XI offers versatile acoustic rock drum loops from 100 BPM through 200 BPM.

Inspire your uptempo rock drum tracks with a potent collection of straight-ahead grooves, fills, and single hit samples.


Punk Drum Loops - Fast, loud, and energetic - Drum Werks X
Hard Rock, mid-tempo groove drum tracks - Drum Werks IX
Versatile rock, modern alternative rock drums
Punk, Power-Pop
Hard Rock
Modern Alternative

Drum Werks X is a complete songwriting package for punk and punk-rock, featuring over 650 slamming punk drum loops.

Everything is fast. Everything is simple. Everything is hard-hitting. No time for complex drumming or subtle ghost strokes - this CD is nothing but hundreds of slamming beats and fast and furious fills.

Ranging from 100 BPM to well over 280 BPM, Drum Werks X will deliver the no-nonsense drum parts your music needs.

Rock music starts with great rock drums and there is no better choice for your rock songwriting than Drum Werks IX, serving up nearly 600 big, fat, rock drum loops to guitarists in need of a great in-the-pocket drummer laying it down hard in a beautifully lush drum room.

From moody 60 BPM vibes through power rock stomping at 90 BPM, Drum Werks IX is a powerful collection of slow and mid-tempo rock drum loops.

Choose any hard rocking loop from this set of riff-hungry grooves, groove variations, and fills, and find instant groove inspiration to fire up your next rock project.


The jam-packed follow-up to Drum Werks VII (same recording session), Drum Werks VIII is a versatile drum sample package, featuring over 650 acoustic drum loops and a complete matching multi-velocity sample set.

This versatile collection of grooves will satisfy any rocker or bluesy-rocker with its versatile yet thorough collection of grooves and feels.

Great new alt rock drum beats - guaranteed to inspire anyone who needs cohesive rock drums and drum performances.

Wide array of rock, pop-rock drum beats - Drum Werks VII
Versatile triplet and shuffle-based acoustic drum loop sample CD - Drum Werks VI
Versatile rock, alt-indie rock drums
Modern Alternative, Alt-Pop
Blues, Blues-Rock, Alt-Country
Rock, Alternative Rock, Alt Country, Singer-Songwriter

Drum Werks VII covers a versatile mix of rock drum loops: rock, alt rock, indie rock, blues-rock, and funk rock. It has a bit of everything drawing from these musical genres.

One of the most versatile "rock" discs in the Drum Werks Series - this is a perfect drum loop and sample library for the artist who likes to mix it up stylistically. But, in the end, the grooves will inspire new tracks, regardless of the particular style. Great drum grooves and sounds can find a home almost anywhere.

Compatible with Drum Werks VIII.


A complete drum sample package, featuring over 700 acoustic drum loops in 18 different groove sets, from 6/8 blues ballad grooves to driving 180 BPM rock shuffles, Drum Werks VI is a must for any bluesman and other songwriting styles needing live, acoustic drums with triplet and swing feels.

A thoroughly versatile and complete triplet and shuffle-based drum loop sample CD to create new blues, blues-based rock, and alt-country drum tracks.

Drum Werks V captures a lively, present drum mix to bring life and energy to your rock drum tracks.

Over 700 acoustic drum loops in 12 different groove genres - from meaty 75 BPM classic rock grooves and popping 100 BPM fun-rock grooves to driving 150 BPM rock-pop grooves and blistering 180 BPM rock shuffles, Drum Werks V will quickly become a staple of your drum loop and sample library.


Nice crispy analog vibe perfect for any project needing a natural New York City studio drum sound. - Drum Werks IV
Acoustic drum loops for blues and bluesy-rock songwriting - Drum Werks III
900+ powerful acoustic drum loops for modern rock and hard rock tracks - Drum Werks II
Rock, Bluesy-Rock, Pop Rock
Blues, Blues-Rock
Hard Rock

Versatile studio rock drum loops to inspire your music.

Straight-ahead feels, shuffles, rock swings, fills, one shots - recorded in one of New York's premier indie recording studios, Drum Werks IV delivers everything you could want for warm, acoustic drum tracks with that New York vibe..

With a wide range of tempos and enough 12/8 grooves to jam for days, Drum Werks III is all you need to compose new blues and bluesy-rock tracks.

A great mix of earthy drum sounds as well as fat grooves make this a very useful blues disc for multiple styles of blues and bluesy-based rock tracks as well. If you write bluesy-rock or blues, you need this disc.


Drum Werks Volume II features 900+ powerful acoustic drum loops and samples for modern rock and hard rock tracks.

Delivering a punchy and tight drum mix, rich in attack and presence, laying distorted guitar over this infectious collection of grooves is a no-brainer, from the laid-back power grooves through frantic power rock drum mayhem.


Classic acoustic rock drum loops - Drum Werks I
Vintage retro drum loops - Classic Backbeats I
Vintage 50’s and 60’s rock retro drum loops - Classic Backbeats II
Classic Rock
Retro Rock and Pop
Retro Rock n Roll, Surf

Drum Werks Volume I, with over 680 MB of rock drum loops and sounds, is for rock music songwriting that demands the big, open, Led Zep sound and inspired Bonzo-esque grooves.

More than 1100 drum loops will more than satisfy your rock and hard rock groove needs.

Ultra-live, retro acoustic drum loops for rock, pop or bluesy-rock (think anything 60's), Classic Backbeats I provides multiple drum styles and tempos as well a pure, punchy sound that simply makes it a "must have" tool for anyone needing the pure unadulterated tones of an acoustic drum set. Over 1.3 GB live studio drum loops.

Versatile vintage sound with all the staple grooves of the 50’s and 60’s, Beta Monkey Music's Classic Backbeats™ II is an all-new drum loop and sample library for writers looking to expand the depth of their groove collections.


Dry, natural acoustic drum loops - Natural Grooves
Rock, Blues, More

With over 1200 drums and samples, Natural Grooves gives you complete control over an arsenal of pure acoustic grooves.

Covering drumming styles including blues, blues-rock, rock, pop-rock, and a bit of Southern Rock, Natural Grooves covers a wide range of drum beats, all equally at home in any project needed raw, live drums.

A versatile and useful collection of grooves for anyone needing that raw and lively sound of acoustic drums.








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