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March 2015: Funk Loops Combo Bundle!

Drumloops Funk Bundle Series

Get the funk breaks you're after, with some wicked snare work to deliver the funk soul that can only come from live drums. When you're after a brand new bag of funk drum samples, the Rock Hard Funk Series only only the finest grooves and beats, not the stiff, cheesy stuff that plagues our competition.

These are the funk beats that are guaranteed to leave you in a cold sweat and begging for more. You want to Hear da drummah get wicked? Load up these beats in your DAW of choice and and hold on tight or else the proverbial roof of the sucker will be torn off. Leave the Roland 808 in storage and get your hands on these three installments of the Rock Hard Funk Series: Rock Hard Funk I, Rock Hard Funk II, and Rock Hard Funk III.

If you're tired of the same old beats taken from vinyl, get yourself about 2 GB of a new and original funky drummer and let the loops roll. Wickedly funky and 100% live - this is the stuff of dreams for members of the Funk Nation!

Order the Funk Drum Loops Combo Pack for only $69.99 (a 37% savings) here:

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Learn more, hear samples, or purchase sets separately here:

Rock Hard Funk I: Drum Loops, Samples for Funk, Funk-Rock, Jazz-Funk, Neo-Soul

Rock Hard Funk II: P-Funk 70's-style funk, Motown funk grooves

Rock Hard Funk III: Funk mixed with rock, jazz, r & b, hip hop, maximum hybrid funk grooves.
















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