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October 2014: Live and Rocking Downloads!

Rocking Nashville Bundle

Order the entire Rocking Nashville Sessions for one low package price. That's Drum Werks IX, Drum Werks XI, Drum Werks XII, and Pure Country I for only $69.99.

Over 2.5GB of live rock and modern country-rock loops and samples for one limited-time low price. Special pricing available for instant digital downloads only!

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ABOUT THE ROCKING NASHVILLE SESSIONS: When we went to track drum tracks for our Pure Country Series, one location was the only one even mentioned: Nashville. Sure, everyone knows that, right?

But, while in Nashville, we learned a few things that go well beyond country music. We learned the level of musicianship in town is unsurpassed - walk into any club, bar, or honky-tonk and you'll see and hear world-class players on every instrument. We also learned that musicians in Nashville are extremely efficient and productive - when the clock is running, work gets done. We also learned that Nashville is a great rock town as well as other styles you'd never expect from the capital of country music.

We used a timeless classic for a drumkit - the Yamaha Recording Custom drumset -- and dialed in a great, live drum mix in one of the best-sounding (as well as best-looking) drum rooms in town. A well-conditioned API board was brought in to capture the sweetest subtleties of live brush work as well as the thick, punchy country, country-rock, and rock drum tones you've heard on countless country-rock hits.

These Rocking Nashville Sessions remain some of our favorite sounding drum tracks to this day and include the following Beta Monkey drum loop and sample collections:

Drum Werks IX: Pure, unadulterated hard rock drums. Big room sound, no reverb needed or wanted.

Drum Werks XI: More pure power rock but with more rpms! Lots of energy and attitude.

Drum Werks XII: Rock and blues. Or, is it blues and rock? Either way, heavy-duty 12/8 and shuffle drum tracks. This is real blues for real blues players.

Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville Don't let the country scare you if country is not your thing. Think simple, solid, 2's and 4's, more AC/DC than Garth Brooks, that's for sure!



















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