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Example Download PurchaseBy default, all Beta Monkey orders will be available for instant digital download. You receive download links via email immediately after purchase - 24/7, 365 days a year.

ALL available loop formats (check individual discs for this specific information) are INCLUDED with your download purchase. No extra charges for multiple loop formats.

If for any reason your download links are not received via email immediately after purchase, please contact us and we will resolve the issue quickly.

Please remember downloadable files are quite large (ranging anywhere from 400 MB to 1.2 GB) - a good internet connection with plenty of bandwidth will make sure this is a quick and painless process.

If you require physical hard copies, we also DVD physical hard copies anywhere worldwide. You simply need to add shipping to your order - one price, worldwide. The option to add shipping and physical hard copy delivery is located at the bottom of the ordering frame.

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