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Beta Monkey Customer TestimonialsIf there is one thing we have always appreciated, it is the kind words of our customers. We know everyone has a lot to do - personal lives and professional lives as well as our musical ones. So, for anyone to take the time to let us know how much our products have done for them, then we feel we are doing a lot of things most companies, big or small, just don't seem to do anymore. Great prices, great grooves, great services - that's why we outsell our competition.

On to the kind words of our customers...


Some Vintage Feedback Circa 2003-2005... The Monkey Begins to Inspires Musicians!


Five Stars "Your CD's are the answer to all my problems. Don't get me wrong, I play drums, but not well enough to keep up with my guitar playing. I have some amazing music that I would like to share
with you, for you are now my full time drummer and I think that you should hear what miracles that you have performed for me. Thank you so much for providing such drumming that actually keeps up with my guitar chops..."

Steve Draper (USA)

Five Stars Beta Monkey loops have completely replaced a majority of my drum loop library. In the last 60 days I have used Volume 4 on commercials for "The Australian Based Steak House" and "The Cheesesteak Sandwich Restaurant" (the names have been changed, but you can figure out who they are)!"


Five Stars Awesome Loops!! Doesn’t get any better than these!!”

Five Stars   "Chris, thanks for the great stuff - this stuff blows away any SF disc I have ever purchased! Awesome stuff."

Five Stars "I bought Drums on Demand - what a letdown (and besides too much cash). BetaMonkey is the real deal - Keep 'em coming."

Five Stars "Dude! You are a sucka! You're Stuff was so tasty that I started playing again."

Five Stars"BetaMonkey Owns!!! Thanks for such a great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Five Stars “Drum Loop CD is worth it! Sounds great – natural real drum sound – versatile loops!”

Five Stars "Awesome loops. Fast delivery!!!! You are crazy not to buy these loops!!!"

Five Stars "Thanks Chris! Fantastic loops at an amazing price. Lightning, cheap delivery."

Five Stars Great stuff, really well organized and great sounding beats!”  

Five Stars Lightning Fast Shipping. If you make rock music with a sampler, you need this CD.”


Five Stars "Seriously banging stuff...dirt cheap!" -- Gary (U.S)

Five Stars "Beats are off the chains, better than acid loops best i have heard" -- Mike (U.K.)


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