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Beta Monkey Drum Loops in Action: User Submitted Music!

From the get-go, talented musicians have been using our stuff to create the coolest of music. And, what's more, they have all been cool and kind enough to take the time and send them back our way. Whether it is bone-crushing metal, melodic pop rock, down and dirty blues, or commercial jingles, the diversity of Beta Monkey user-submitted music can only be matched by the immense talent behind the authors of these compositions. This page will continue to grow and reflect the many uses for our various releases. The loyalty of our drum loop users is unmatched. It is a beautiful thing.

What's the song count up to now? The latest tally...

Want to share your music with our ever-growing community of musicians worldwide? Let's hear what you've got!



New User Music Submitted using Beta Monkey drum loopsMarch 2014 - User Submitted Music on SoundCloud

Keep up-to-date on the latest user-submitted tunes as they are submitted via our SoundCloud channel. ANd, while you're there, upload your Beta Monkey inspired tracks to share as well.




November 2011 - Great Sounds, Great Playing - Beta Monkey Delivers!

For this update, here is a little ditty submitted by one of our long-time users Andre Oye, one of the most prolific songwriters we know. He has had his music featured in shows such as Transformers 3,Dexter, Lost, CSI, The Office, Sons Of Anarchy, 2010 Olympics, Hawaii Five O, Kath and Kim, and many others (read much more at

So, take a few tasty drum takes from Drum Werks XVII, add Andrew's virtuosity, and set it to a collection of studio photos from the recording session. Here's what you get:



March 2011 - Brutal Metal = Double Bass Mania II

Metal Drum Loops: Double Bass Mania IIWe thought for this update we'd pick just one song that really showcases what we offer songwriters. In this case, it's what we offer metal musicians specifically. Back in 2004, we were the first commercial drum loop company to go where no others dared: metal. There simply didn't exist at the time anything at all for metal musicians (and this was just in the infancy of the various drum virtual instruments that have flooded the market since). We played metal. We loved metal. We grew up and never grew out of metal. So, it seemed criminal that metal guitarists and bassists had nowhere to turn when they truly wanted to hammer away. And, so, the Double Bass Mania Series was launched.

Since then, it remains the only true and pure source of metal drum loops available. From competitors who have tried to copy the content to others that have released products with all-too-familiar titles, we have seen it all come and go. But, in the end, it all comes down to passion and authenticity.

It's all about being honest and true to yourself. If you can't rattle off at least 100 song titles from metal bands ranging from vintage 80's thrash and speed metal (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Testament, Sepultura) through other influential metal bands since(Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Mastodon, Slipknot, and Dimmu Borgir - of course, Pantera through the 90s), then your colors will run thin. If your thing is country or funk, then go for it. If you love jazz, play jazz. Like fusion? Well, play in 15/16 all day long. But, just stay true to yourself.

With that in mind, it's hard to imagine any other soundware company delivering the metal drum tracks quite like this:

"To Whom Has Failed" - Geert Thaens

That song pretty much sums it up when it comes to metal drum loops. Double Bass Mania - Often imitated, never duplicated. Delivering true metal since 2004.

The ultimate drum loops for metal is available here.



June 2010 - Some Great New Stuff and Bringing Back Some Favorites

We thought for this month we would bring out a few of our all-time favs in addition to highlighting the usual new submissions. After backing up a number of sessions and other data, we came across a folder of tunes submitted throughout the years. Hearing them again was like hearing them for the first time and we thought you all might feel the same. So, in this installment of User Submitted music, we give you some tunes that really used the Beta Monkey grooves to the fullest, new and old, and in a variety of different genres.

The New Ones!

"End of the Beginning" © 2010 Frank Kovachik | Created with Drum Werks IX
"Stitches" © 2010 Alex Brenner | Created with Pure Country I
"Dog Moon" © 2010 Dino Fond | Created with Rock Hard Funk

A Handful of Time-Honored Classics!

"World" © 2007 Ben Maynard | Created with Drum Werks IX
"Intense" © 2007 Andrew Oye | Created with Double Bass Mania II
"Out to Get Me " © 2007 Omar Maldonado | Created with Double Bass Mania II
"Sentinel" © 2007 Carlton Cobb | Created with Double Bass Mania I
"Holy Like You Are" © 200 Rob Hines/Kevin Walker | Created with Drum Werks I



February 2010 - Pure Musical Joy - That is what Beta Monkey Drum Loops are all about!

Sometimes it's easy to forget why we all got into music. With all the focus on gear, gigs and now with all this technological developments, it's enough to frustrate even the best of us. But, every now and again, you hear something that makes you stop and remember what it is that music can do: enjoy ourselves to the fullest. No worrying about software compatibility or having the latest Pro Tools upgrade - no, just sitting playing and playing your heart out. That's something to be reminded of when it all seems to be a maddening and frustrating business and process!

With that in mind, here's a few clips of a Beta Monkey regular who really knows how to lay it down. Every bit of these videos speaks volumes about the sheer joy we all experience when just sit down and play. With a few loops from Drum Werks VII and Drum Werks IX, here's Angel Reca to remind us all to just play and rejoice in the power of music!


Bleeding Heart - Using Drum Werks VII


Jimi Hendrix If 6 Was 9 Cover - Using Drum Werks IX



January 2010 - Another Year, Another Great Use of Beta Monkey Drum Loops!

We often try to feature a wide variety of music that people create using Beta Monkey drum loops. We receive songs daily that range from acoustic singer-songwriter type material to flat-out brutal heavy metal. But, sometimes, there's an artist that really has an identity that is refreshingly unique. And, because of that, we quickly become fans and follow their progress. Such is the case with Waiting for Katherine. Infectious foot-tapping, sing-along appeal that is pop with a twist. So, check out what can be done with Drum Werks XI: UpTempo Rock - in the hands of Waiting for Katherine!


October 2009 - More Beta Monkey Finds on YouTube!

Every now and then we get a song our way that just stands out as being so unlike what we have seen before. A heads-up to this video came from Chris of Waiting for Katherine and we just thought the song was such infectious pop-punk that it deserved to be shared, And, the video makes it even more of a keeper! So, check out what can be done with Drum Werks X: Punk - it covers a lot of ground from the poppy to the obscene!

Created with Drum Werks X: Punk


April 2008 Beta Monkey Finds on YouTube!

Multiple Artists Style: Instrumental Guitar Rock, Metal, Blues,

A number of emails came in to check out User Music over at YouTube. Nice to see The Monkey popping up in some tasty videos. While we can take some credit for these tasty tunes to follow, let's give credit where credit is due - these talented musicians who use our grooves to unleash their inner musical spirits, be it blues, metal or somewhere in-between!

Created with the Loop Disc that Kills - Double Bass Mania II


Created with Drum Werks I (Classic Rock and Blues)


Created with Drum Werks VII (Rock)


January 2008 Some Fresh Contributions for the New Year!

Multiple Artists Style: Instrumental Guitar Rock, Blues, Funk Rock

Beta Monkey User Music in Action

What better way to start off the new year than with a fresh set of User Submitted Music? These tasty new cuts make great use of some of the latest Beta Monkey drum loops releases, notably Drum Werks IX and the Pure Country Nashville Brushes Series. While we lay down the grooves, these talented and hard-working musicians make them come to life. Great drums are the foundation of any great tune, so we do our best to help you do your best!

Enjoy some fine work from these talented Beta Monkey junkies!

"World" © 2007 Ben Maynard | Created with Drum Werks IX

"Honest" © 2008 Erwin Steijlen | Created with Drum Werks IX

"Brush " © 2007 Alex Brenner | Created with Pure Country III


September 2007 - Some Heavy Riffing Going on!

Multiple Artists Style: Instrumental Metal, Hard Rock, Commercial Sound Beds

One of the coolest things about releasing our drum loop discs is that you never quite know what musicians will do with them. We always have an idea of what the drum grooves can be used for stylistically but, with so much great musical talent out there, we are always pleasantly surprised when the grooves get used in so many different ways. It is absolutely amazing how the same disc can produce such different but equally great music in the hands of different artists.

With that in mind, here are a few tasty heavy ones. Not nearly the extremes we have heard Double Bass Mania II put to, but heavy nonetheless. Some melodic metal and hard rock at its finest. The Monkey cannot be stopped!


"DBM2 Demo " © 2007 David Prince | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Intense" © 2007 Andrew Oye | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Sepelkyyhky " © 2007 Jukka | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Out to Get Me " © 2007 Omar Maldonado | Created with Double Bass Mania II

April 2007 Going Through The Archives!

Multiple Artists Style: Instrumental Guitar Rock, Blues, Funk Rock

Just happened to go through some of the folders of User Submitted Music and found three new tasty ones, from two outstanding artists: Steve Draper and Spike. While each has a uniquely style, they actually have a lot in common - both can play the hell out of their respective instruments, both can craft some wickedly catchy tunes, and both (and you knew this was coming!) use Beta Monkey drum loops to power their music. Enjoy some fine work from some of the other Beta Monkey discs in our collection.

"Cool" © 2005 Steve Draper | Created with Classic Backbeats

"Super Soul Hero" © 2007 I.Spike | Created with Drum Werks V

"Forget " © 2007 I.Spike | Created with Drum Werks VI


Fresh Metal for 2007!

Multiple Artists Style: Metal

A bunch of metal songs has been coming in since the release of Double Bass Mania II in September. Since there has been so many, we thought we would make a themed entry for the first user submitted music entry of 2007. Take a listen below to hear the brutal power and unmatched versatility of our Double Bass Mania I and Double Bass Mania II discs in action. Our users are writing anything from classic old school metal to more modern hybrid blends of the genre. In the end, it is all metal though - 100% in your face and full of aggression. You can't get this kind of stuff from anyone else... enjoy the heaviness!

And, as always, we applaud the efforts of all the musicians out there using our humble efforts to make your songwriting process more inspired and efficient. We can't thank all of you enough for the just flat-out awesome work that comes in all the time. Just keep sending it in - eventually we'll find room to showcase everyone.


"A.S. Fingers " © 2007 Dallas Keenes | Created with Double Bass Mania II Behind the Song!

"Metally" © 2007 Matt Zielke | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Bad Monkey " © 2007 Ryan Matheny | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"6505 " © 2007 Ryan Matheny | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Sawn in Half" © 2007 Lee Arnone | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Remnants of Brutality " © 2007 Roger Singleton | Created with Double Bass Mania II

"Sentinel" © 2007 Carlton Cobb | Created with Double Bass Mania I


New for 2006!

Brian Jones Style: Modern Rock/Pop

Brian Jones Promo ShotBrian sent in this song the other day and we were floored at the flat-out hook power of the tune. It just grabs you with a powerful mix of rhythm, instrumentation, and pop sensibility. What makes it stand out is a mystery like any great pop tune - it is good because it sounds good. End of story.

Brian attached a quick note of praise to explain things for his side of the song so be sure to read the Behind the Song information.

Listen Up! "Something More"
Behind The Song - Testimonial

New for 2006!

Rob HinesRob Hines/Kevin Walker Style: Christian Contemporary / Praise and Worship

Every now and then a song comes our way that just makes us stop everything - stop the session, put down the sticks, stop checking the email - and listen. Well, "Holy Like You Are" is just one of those songs. The level of songwriting and production makes us proud to be associated with this song. It reminds us of how much beauty and talent there is out in the world - Rob, thank you for blessing us in sharing this song.

Be sure to read the Behind the Song information - it really shows the process of putting our loops to work and getting great results.

Listen Up! "Holy Like You Are"
Behind The Song - Testimonial


The Fritz Style: Pop Rock/Modern Rock

Out there somewhere is an A&R guy just hoping he finds a band with as much talent, heart, and soul as Andy Wilson's The Fritz. Andy is pretty much a Beta Monkey junkie, having picked up nearly the entire catalogue of our drum loop releases. And, we have to say, Andy and the band put these drum grooves, whether it's the faster rock and pop drum loops or the slower ballad drum loops, to damn good use. Seriously, why these guys are not out on tour right now with Matchbox 20 or the Goo Goo Dolls is beyond us. It is pro stuff all the way with catchy hooks, infectious rhythms, and strong, distinctive vocals. We seriously think there is a bright future for them. We can only hope they remember the lowly Beta Monkey when the "Big Time" calls upon The Fritz. Let's hope The Fritz remember the Drum Werks Vol. IV and the Alt and Modern Rock set that got it all going. You can read all about The Fritz and learn more about the band at MySpace. Tell 'em Beta Monkey sent ya.

Listen Up! "Live4Love"
Listen Up! "May"


Steve GibbSteve Gibb Style: Guitar Rock/Instrumental

Steve is one helluva musician. He was perhaps the first to submit his music to us and, we will be honest, we were shocked. Just hearing what Steve was able to do with the grooves off of Drum Werks Volume I, Drum Werks Vol. II ,and Drum Werks Vol. III was beyond all expectation. As you will hear, Steve can cut the grooviest rock stomper and then serve up some sweet melodies on his guitar. A true pro and someone we are proud makes good use of the Beta Monkey drum loops. You can see what is new with Steve at - pay him a visit.

Listen Up! "Bully Balls"
Listen Up! "Chinese Cowboy"


Tom Hunt/Three Rooms  Style: Rock/Experimental/Ambient

Tom sent us a song recently and were really floored with what he did with some loops off of Beta Monkey's Alt and Modern Rock CD's. If there is one thing we have found from the various releases is their sheer versatility. Here we have a disc geared for rock which Tom went and twisted into a killer, hypnotic tune. From the sound of it, Toms seems to have put a bit of low-end and compression to create a really nasty pumping kick sound. And, that really stems from the fact that our drums come as natural as we can deliver. We give you the headroom to enhance the grooves, whether it's EQ, compression, or a host of any effects. You can't do that with loops that already have a ton of processing - only natural, 100% pure drums give you that option. We're glad we look at drums this way. And, we're more than glad Tom shared with us his latest creation. Visit more of Tom's music at

Listen Up! "Minimally Blue"


Jamsire Ernoir Style: Funk/R & B/Groove

Let us just flat-out and say it - Ernie is the man. He is just an absolute killer producer as you will hear in the following clip. He truly knows how to do Beta Monkey's stuff right. While it one thing to take one of our acoustic loops and put it in a song, Ernie actually gives it groove. When the bass line is locking in with a few of the grooves off Drum Werks Vol. IV , you will find nothing tastier. And, it is great to see Beta Monkey stuff get used in a non-rock situation. Let's face it, good acoustic drums form the backbone of ALL styles of music. Let us just finish by saying that Ernie is the real deal - a talented musician and, more important, a great guy. He's the first one to write and ask, "What's new from Beta Monkey?" Judging from the music he passed along to us, we should all be asking, "Hey Ern, What's new with the music?" We're sure he's cooking up something tasty as we write!

Listen Up! "Control Power" (featuring Kelly Banner)


Phillip B. Holmes Style: Metal/Heavy Rock

Phil is as heavy as it gets. Seriously, he rocks very hard and just crushes the hell out of these tunes. It is just flat-out great to see that ass-kicking, no-holds-barred riff-making is not dead yet. Try coming up with a song like this with some of our competitor's loops - ain't happening. Phil used Beta Monkey's Drum Werks Vol. I and the Alt and Modern Rock CD's to deliver these seriously heavy goods.

Listen Up! "Average Groove"
Listen Up! "Shasleevy"


Ken Vandevrie - ADS Studio Productions Style: Commercial Production

These fine fellas from up in Canada show the commercial possibilities in our catalogue of drum loops. Now, we never thought of our drum grooves as having any commercial appeal, but Ken and ADS showed us just how little we knew about our own grooves! I believe Ken mentioned this promo spot was being used for Canadian TV so it's a shame we could never hear it next time we got out of the studio and hit the T.V. But, it's a smooth and polished production bed and it just makes you want to tap your foot. It's got a good beat! The grooves in the promo spot were taken from Drums Werks Volumes IV. If you need anything done in terms of music, visit ADS Studio Productions and see what they can do for you.

Listen Up! "ADS Production Bed"


Atlantic Blues Band - Ron Metcalf Style: Blues

This is a classic Beta Monkey story. Ron doesn't know us from a hole in the wall but he likes the samples he hears on the Drums Werks Volumes IV page, so he figures,"What the hell? What is there to lose by picking up the disc?" So, he gets his CD about three days later and what does he do? He lays down some nasty blues before we even have a chance to ask him how the bluesy drum loops off Volume III are treating him. Now, this tune is tasty! You lay down some slow bluesy drum grooves and put some sweet guitar on top (don't forget laying a nice fat bass line in there too) and you sound like you should be playing a set at the Austin City Limits Festival. Ron, you definitely have to get your hands on the new bluesy stuff we have in the works - I know you will do it right.

Listen Up! "Loopy Blues "
Preview Grooves "Blue Heat "


JonTom Luca Jontom Tomassini  Style: Modern Rock/Pop

We just love this song. From Italy, Jon Tom ordered up some of our Alt and Modern Rock CD's and got down to some serious work. He sent it by our way (complete with the introduction!) and we haven't stopped playing since around here in the studio. It is one helluva catchy song. Tight groove, funky guitars and bass, and killer dynamics. Jon Tom - you totally rule. (and, if you are in a hurry to hear the main groove, it picks up at about 1:00). Pay him a visit and see what else he's up to at Artist Launch or Luca's personal page. A truly, talented artist - we're proud he is using the Beta Monkey stuff.

Listen Up! "Fat Moon"



chemkillerRyan Weiss Style: Metal/Heavy Rock/Sleaze Rock

Now, this is one truly twisted individual (and we say that with the utmost love and respect for the guy). Ryan is a complete riff-meister, on "10" all the way and in every way. He directed us to his page over at SoundClick that was just chock full of song after song, riff after riff - each one just killing. It is so cool in this day and age that someone out there still knows what it means to turn up the guitar and just let all hell break loose. We had to sit down after listening through his catalogue (which, amazingly enough, he put together in a few weeks using Beta Monkey's Drum Werks Vol. IV and the Alt and Modern Rock CD's).

We must warn you, though, Ryan's music most definitely gets a PARENTAL ADVISORY for lyrical content! So, if you have anyone under 18 near the computer, get them far, far away before unleashing these tunes!

Listen Up! "Jailbait (Motorhead Tribute)" - Drum Werks Vol. IV loops
Preview Grooves "Detroit Rock City (KISS Tribute)" - Drum Werks Vol. IV loops
Listen Up! "Cheap Seats, Cheap Thrills" - Alt and Modern Rock I loops
Listen Up! "Sodomy" - Alt and Modern Rock I loops
Listen Up! "Do You?" - Alt and Modern Rock II loops

NEW for 2006! Listen Up! "Hammer Crushing Death" - Double Bass Mania loops


Lee Arnone Style: Metal

Lee hails from Canada and probably does a lot of things well. All we know is that THIS GUY CAN SHRED. He is a monster. He is a riff factory. He is the real deal. We don't think anyone has put together as much material from Double Bass Mania as he has. Prepare to have your face ripped off and handed to you from two of the cuts he has submitted to us.

Listen Up! "Devoured"
Listen Up! "Zombie Apocalypse"












The Song Submission Count: As of September 2014, we have received over 6500 songs (and counting).

Or, another way to look at it: over 20 GB of recorded music using Beta Monkey drum loops. This includes music done for TV spots, films, independent and commercial CDs and nearly every other musical production situation imaginable. To put it in another perspective, we've received enough material for more than 180 albums!

Obviously, many need to get reviewed and posted - it just gets tough to go through them all and updated on the site. But, we will always try to get the tastiest of the tasty up and available for your listening pleasure. Look for updates soon and thanks again to everyone who has submitted music our way via email and mp3's!

Have some great stuff that you think belongs on this page? Send it in! That is what Beta Monkey is all about - Giving you the right tools to get your music done.





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