DRUM WERKS SERIES: VOLUME XXVIIIRock Drum Loops Fast, Uptempo Grooves Drum Werks XXVIII

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock

Another installment of our "L.A. Three" Sessions, we've produced a powerful resource of rock drum loops focusing on the high-energy tempos between 125-180 bpm.

No busy patterns, no syncopated over-playing, no "beat detective" - it's all about solid, live acoustic rock drums. The kinds of beats that have spawned countless rock hits.

With one of L.A.'s top studio drummers behind the kit, you're getting the grooves of a multi-platinum drummer who knows what works for rock. Live, rock-steady, pocket playing will inspire your music like few loop collections can.

If you're still young enough to Rock n' Roll all Nite, then it's time to take the rock drum loops on Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock for a ride!

Enjoy the grooves!

Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock

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Rock grooves that will power your drum tracks!

Drum Werks XXVIII unleashes pure power and energy to your rock drum tracks with an extensive and versatile library of rock drum grooves. Take beats inspired by Bonham, some Bun E Carlos style power pop, and a healthy dose of Dave Grohl alt-rock attitude and combine them in a cohesive collection of songwriting tools that will inspire your rock songwriting to new heights. Drum Werks XXVIII is all about high-octane rock drum loops that deliver the intensity and energy your drum tracks need.

If you're a fan of the drumming of John Bonham, Simon Phillips, Alex Van Halen, or Dave Grohl, Drum Werks XXVIII wil become a formidable source of rhythmic inspiration for your hard rock tracks. This is a powerful package of rock drum loops inspired equally by the classic rock drumming you love and the contemporary rock styles that are keeping rock alive. It's all about big live rock drums on Drum Werks XXVIII. No beat detective. No sequenced "drumbeats." No lo-fi garage recordings. If you want big, sweaty, balls-out rock and roll, then you've got it with this powerhouse collection of live drum loops.

In a focused range of tempos covering 125 bpm through 180 bpm, Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock offers powerful live drumming to cover hard rock and classic rock as well as alt, power-pop rock drum styles. Organized in tempo-specific ‘Groove Folders’ you'll get all the rhythms you’ll need to create your next rock song: verse, chorus, bridge, fills, and more. If you can drag and drop audio loops, then you can create professional drum tracks instantly with Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock.

And, because of our innovative "Single Session" sample library approach, you get a consistent drum sound across the entire collection of drum performances found on Drum Werks XVII. All drum loops will sit easily and seamlessly into your mixes - ideal if you'll writing for a CD project that requires a consistent drum mix across multiple songs.

What's more is you'll be able to mix Drum Werks XXVIII with any of the drum samples from the "L.A. Three" Series that also includes Drum Werks XXIV, Drum Werks XXV, Drum Werks XXVI, and Drum Werks XXVII. This is unmatched consistency across several gigabytes of versatile acoustic drum loops and drum samples.

Tired of one-bar loops that don't sound like a live drum track in your music? Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock features longer loops (four and eight bars) to deliver rhythmic realism your music deserves.

For those songwriters who want greater control over their tracks, Drum Werks XXVIII includes an extensive collection of matching cymbal and drum single hit samples. These samples will mix seamlessly with all drum loops on Drum Werks XVIII, allowing users to add accents with crash cymbals, kicks, tom, snares to the loops, an easy way to increase track variety and realism. For users using any of the major virtual instruments (Native Instruments Kontakt or Battery, Maschine, Logic ESX24 and other popular virtual instruments), you can easily create your own custom drum kits and create the exact drum track your music needs. Unlike other commercial releases, our included drum and cymbal samples weigh in at nearly 200 MB.

The "L.A. Three" sessions are commercial release quality drum mixes and waiting to carry your next rock songwriting project. Acoustic and live, punchy and powerful, Drum Werks XXVIII is brimming with rock drums created from the timeless recipe of a great room, great drum kit, and great drummer. It really is that simple to getting great drum sounds and drum track performances.

Stop settling for less. Get ready to take your music up a few notches with Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock!

Available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV and APPLE LOOPS formats. REX2 format coming soon.


Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock Loop Previews

125 BPM  
88 Grooves + 23 Fills
140 BPM     27 Grooves + 34 Fills
150 BPM     58 Grooves + 87 Fills
160 BPM     40 Grooves + 43 Fills
180 BPM     36 Grooves + 49 Fills
Multi-Velocity Samples     219 Cymbal, Drum Samples

Download Drum Werks XXVIII Trial Loops (all available formats) 59.6 MB


Drum Werks XXVIII Groove Rock User Submitted Music*
* All user submitted music created using Beta Monkey Drum Werks XXVIII: Groove Rock drum loops and samples exclusively.


Beta Monkey's Drum Werks XXVIII: High-Octane Rock Features:
  • Full Range of Rock Drum Styles: Delivering hard rock, classic rock and alt rock drum tracks, Drum Werks XXVIII is high-energy and uptempo live drum loops from one of L.A.'s go-to drum rooms. With tempos covering grooves from 125 BPM to 180 BPM, put the power of live rock drums to use as the foundation for rock drum tracks in all major DAWs.
  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All Drum Werks XXVIII drum loops and samples were recording from a single recording session. This drum sound and mix can also be heard on Drum Werks XXIV (slow 6/8 drum loops), XXV (fast 6/8 drums), XXVI (ballad drums), XXVII (power rock drum loops), and XXX (punk drums). These sessions are collectively referred to as the "L.A. Three Sessions."
  • Superior Rhythmic Realism: No metronomic stiffness suffering from beat detective here. Big, live rock drum loops played by one of L.A.'s most in-demand studio drummers. Get the musical sensibility of true pro drummer with multiple platinum records to his name on your tracks..
  • Longer Loops: Multiple 4 and 8 bar loops help you avoid the "sounds like a drum loop" syndrome. Longer loops = realistic drum tracks.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: Customize the loops with over 200MB of multi-velocity drum samples recorded during the Drum Werks XXVIII sessions. Create new grooves or tweak existing ones, you call the shots.
  • High-End Production: With Grammy Award-winning ears behind the desk and and a top pro behind the drum kit, Drum Werks XXVII delivers the "radio-ready" quality your music demands.
  • Multi-Collection Compatibility This collection is part of our "L.A. Three" Sessions - mix and match with any other collection from this studio session..

Disc Stats:

  • 485 (644 GB 24-bit WAV and Apple Loops; 430 MB 16-bit WAV) original, license-free drum loops, samples in 16-bit, 24-bit WAV, APPLE LOOPS formats.
  • 220 (207 MB 24-bit WAV; 137 MB 16-bit WAV) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.
  • Instant Digital Download or DVD Format - ALL ACIDized WAV, APPLE, and REX2 (if available) formats included for download and/or for hard copy DVD purchases.


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