DRUM WERKS SERIES: VOLUME VIShuffle and 12/8 drum loops - Drum Werks VI

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Drum Werks Volume VI was cut from the same recording sessions as Drum Werks V. The tones were so happening that we decided to keep going and lay down a disc full of blues grooves - shuffles, swing, anything and everything triplet-based.

We made it a top priority to get an entire collection of samples from the recording sessions used to produce Drum Werks V. We know there are times when you need to create a beat to fit a particular section of a song, or when an extra kick or snare adds just the right touch to the arrangement.

If you know our stuff already, then you will definitely think this one is strong, if not the strongest package in terms of flexibility.

If you write blues, bluesy-rock, or country-rock tracks, this disc will give you tons of great acoustic loops, fills, and more to work with.

Drum Werks VI: Versatile Studio Rock, Pop Rock Drum Loops and Samples.

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New drums for blues, blues rock, and alt-country drum tracks!

An exhaustive collection of swing-based alt-country blues acoustic drum loops ideal for folk, bluegrass, and Americana Roots styles of music as well as classic blues and country rock tracks. With shuffles, 12/8 patterns, and other swing feels, this collection of live studio drums offers the right grooves for artists who need solid, no-frills grooves.

Need some shuffle and swing in your drum tracks? Drum Werks Volume VI is part of Beta Monkey's hugely popular Drum Werks line and will deliver the swing patterns, shuffles, and triplet-based grooves you need. All delivered with a natural, live mix that will sit as nicely behind acoustic as it will electric guitars. A thoroughly versatile and complete triplet and shuffle-based drum loops package to create new blues, blues-based rock, and alt-country drum tracks.

Featuring over 700 acoustic drum loops in 18 different groove sets, from 6/8 blues ballad grooves to driving 180 BPM rock shuffles, if you are looking for classic blues 12/8 feels, shuffles and blues rock swing grooves, Drum Werks VI has the feel and sound you're after. These loops will quickly and easily become your drum tracksfor for a wide variety of blues and country projects.

A complete matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set is also included.

.Available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 loop formats.


Drum Werks VI Drum Loop Previews

50 BPM 12/8 Blues   95 loops
56 BPM 12/8 Blues
34 loops
70BPM 12/8 Blues
49 loops
75 BPM Shuffles/Swing 66 loops
88 BPM 12/8 Blues 20 loops
100 BPM 12/8 Blues Funk 22 loops
100 BPM Swinging Blues Funk 75 loops
110-112 BPM 12/8 Blues   118 loops
150 BPM Shuffles 69 loops
155 BPM Rock Shuffles 15 loops
180 BPM Bluesy-Rock and Shuffles 70 loops
One Shots (flourishes, ritards, more)    
Multi-Velocity Drum, Cymbal Single Hits   201 multi-velocity samples


Drum Werks VI User Submitted Music*
* All user submitted music was created using Drum Werks VI drum loops and samples exclusively.


Beta Monkey's Drum Werks VI Features:
  • Full Range of Blues, Blues-Rock, and Country Rock Drum Styles: All rhythms are aimed for songwriters writing classic blues and country rock tracks. Shuffles, 12/8 patterns, and other swing feels are the focus for all groove feels.
  • Comprehensive Groove Folders: Grooves sets are arranged logically and with healthy coverage of various tempos ranging from 50 BPM all the way up to 180 BPM.
  • The Finishing Touches/One Shots: We also included cymbal swells, ending ritards, and more. All the "little" things most loop CD's don't include but are vital to realistic drum tracks.
  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All loops are taken from the SAME recording session (all grooves, fills, etc. are sonically-matched). You will get all the grooves, groove variations, fills, and one shots to create your next blues and country track and you can mix them with anything else on the disc. Tired of loop sets where the sounds vary from one folder to the next? - or worse, from file to file? Drum Werks VI will take care of that.
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: We took the kit used in the recording sessions and sampled it from head to toe! The sample kit section includes multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded. While most loop discs offer only a handful of single hits, we have given you the entire kit: from the softest taps to the most powerful slams, you have it all. You use the Drum Werks VI sample kit to build grooves from scratch or use them to augment any of the 700 loops. This disc gives you the flexibility to do just that.
  • Compatible with Drum Werks V: Same session, same versatile drum sound. Only the snare voice was changed for Drum Werks V.

Disc Stats:

  • 735 (561 MB) original, license-free 16/44 drum loops and samples. Available as 16-bit ACIDized WAV" APPLE LOOPS/AIFF, and REX2 loops.
  • 201 (95 MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.
  • DVD Format - ALL available ACIDized WAV, APPLE, and REX2 formats included in download and for hard copy DVD purchases.


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