Double Bass Mania IIDouble Bass Mania II - Metal Drum Loops and Samples

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Why Double Bass Mania II?

We wanted the world to have a true metal drum loop set that would serve as a powerhouse songwriting tool.

We've seen far too many loop providers release so-called "metal" loop sets and honestly, they're not. It really became mission to deliver what had never been available before.

As lifelong metal fans and later musicians, we just wanted to do our part in supplying the metal. Not the grooves other companies call "metal" - the real deal.

Look for the full statement of purpose for this disc with your order.

Double Bass Mania II: The Return of the Beast

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Louder. Faster. Heavier.

Double Bass Mania II: The Return of the Beast takes it over the top with a relentless onslaught of fast and furious double bass grooves. With 800+ double bass grooves, groove variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania II stands alone as the brutal choice for creating the heaviest of heavy metal tracks. Whether you need modern metal grooves in the vein of Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, and Children of Bodom or the old-school aggression of Slayer, Pantera, and early Metallica, Double Bass Mania II is designed for one thing: to pound out the relentless rhythms of your next metal track.

In a world of pretenders, Double Bass Mania II is unapologetically metal and nothing less.

Double Bass Mania II is all about power and speed. With a cohesive collection of grooves spanning tempos from 75 BPM heavy rock to 300 BPM metal blasts, the disc will satiate any metalhead’s need for speed and brutality. If you're a metal guitarist, bassist, or songwriter, Double Bass Mania II: The Return of the Beast will quickly become the weapon of choice in your arsenal. Metal drummers will also find the loops an invaluable source of inspiration and education as well. No matter what your goals are - writing demos, recording a future CD release, or expanding your metal chops - Double Bass Mania II opens the doors to all things metal.

The follow-up to Double Bass Mania, with heavier, modern metal grooves!

Available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 loop formats.


Double Bass Mania II Drum Loop Previews

75 BPM 76 loops
90 BPM Metal Grooves
97 loops
100 BPM Hard Rock
73 loops
110 BPM Grooves 130 loops
120 BPM Grooves 87 loops
140 BPM Grooves 100 loops
150 BPM Grooves 56 loops
180 BPM Grooves 96 loops
200 BPM 28 loops
220 BPM Thrash 15 loops
280 BPM Blasts 15 loops
300 BPM Death Blasts 12 loops
200+ BPM Mixed Tempos 32 loops
One Shot Endings 35 Endings and Buzz Rolls
Multi-Velocity Samples 88 Drum and Cymbal Samples
Download Double Bass Mania II Trial Loops (16Bit WAV) 9.7 MB Download Double Bass Mania II Trial Loops (24Bit WAV) 15.4 MB Download Double Bass Mania II Trial Loops (APPLE LOOPS) 15.4 MB
Double Bass Mania II User Submitted Music*


Beta Monkey's Double Bass Mania II Features:
  • Multiple Styles of Metal, from Hard Rock to Blastbeats: Chug along with the mortal tempos or blast it out with insane speed, 800+ loops will continue to inspire.

  • Wide Range of Tempos: 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 140, 150, 180, 200, 220, 280, 300 and a supplemental 200+ folder (you can never have enough speed).

  • Rhythmic Pairings: We constructed DBM II to include complementary tempo sets. Grooves from the following pairings 75/150, 90/180, 100/200, 110/220, and 140/280 allow songwriters to cut or double time signatures at will. Shift your metal gears all you want , when you want to. No limitations.

  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All drum loops are taken from the SAME recording session (all grooves, fills, one shots, etc., are sonically-matched). Change tempos. Change feels. Change time signatures. You need to do this in metal - Double Bass II gives you all the options.

  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: Build even more great grooves with a complete multi-velocity sample collection of all the drums and cymbals recorded on Double Bass Mania II.

Disc Stats:

  • 800+ original, license-free drum loops and drum/cymbal samples. All loops and samples are available in 16/44 or 24/44 WAV, APPLE or REX2 format loops.
  • 75 multi-velocity drum and cymbal hits. Includes all drums used as well as crashes, chinas, rides and hats.
  • One shots - Endings, breakdowns, extended fills.


Some kind words by current Double Bass Mania II users:

5 stars for Beta Monkey Drum Loops "I ordered and now got 3 CD's from Beta Monkey, and they are great. I have other drum loops that sound fine, but are too busy or complex for most songs. Telling Chris at Beta Monkey what I needed, I got three CD's with mainly simple straight ahead rock, pop, alternative rhythms." -- Tom (Denmark)




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