Double Bass Mania IVMetal Drum Loops - Double Bass Mania IV for Power Metal, Groove Metal, Classic Metal, and all Aggressive Music.

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BetaMonkey Drum Loops

Why Double Bass Mania IV?

If you like your heavy metal heavy and double kick drums kicking, then you are buying the right product. It's as simple as that. But, if you just have to have some wussifed versions of metal grooves played on a set of Roland V-Drums, then you need to keep moving along.

Seriously, if you own Double Bass Mania III, this is for you. It has all the tempos for breakdowns. If you don't have Double Bass Mania III (because the tempos scared yer socks off!), then these grooves are more sane tempo-wise but every bit as slamming playing-wise.

You also get well over a GB for about $40 - try doing a price-check on what the "other guys" charge for a bunch of limp rock grooves that they insist are "Metal"!

Enjoy the heaviness!

Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal Drum Loops and Samples

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Pounding, Aggressive Power Metal Drum Loops.

Pounding and aggressive power metal drum loops, Double Bass Mania IV slams out the pure aggression of double bass grooves in the 90 bpm to 120 bpm tempo range. With 1100+ double bass grooves, variations, fills, one shots, and samples, Double Bass Mania IV delivers over 1 GIG of power and pain for modern groove power metal.

Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal lays it down with power and authority, drawing inspiration from Pantera, Lamb of God, Strapping Young Lad, and more. In a world of pretenders, Double Bass Mania IV is all about unrelenting power drums. Get it heavy and slamming, with no compromises, and create the heaviest tracks not possible with your other flaccid drum loop cd's.

No matter what your goals are - writing demos, recording a future CD release, or expanding your metal chops - Double Bass Mania IV will quench your thirst for heavy, double kick-driven power metal. Accept no substitutes. This is pure unadulterated metal - not a limp rock CD that has a few double-times. It's pounding double bass chops, monstrous tom rolls, and aggressive time-keeping.

This is the follow-up to Double Bass Mania III but is definitely its own beast as well. Double Bass Mania IV covers the breakdown tempos and gives you massive space to tear up your nastiest riffs. It's time to unleash the fury.

Use with Double Bass Mania III, to mix heavier groove metal patterns with these blasts and speed grooves from Double Bass Mania III. All Double Bass Mania IV loop tempos are complementary with Double Bass Mania III tempos.

Available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS, and REX2 loop formats.


Double Bass Mania IV Drum Loop Previews

90 BPM Metal Grooves 253 loops: 90 fills
100 BPM Metal Grooves
261 loops: 74 fills
110 BPM Metal Grooves
163 loops: 72 fills
120 BPM Metal Grooves 183 loops; 45 fills
Multi-Velocity Samples 255 Drum and Cymbal Samples

Download Double Bass Mania IV Trial Loops 16/44 WAV 4.1 MB

Download Double Bass Mania IV Trial Loops (24Bit WAV) 7.8 MB

Download Double Bass Mania IV Trial Loops (APPLE LOOPS) 6.4 MB

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 Double Bass Mania IV User Submitted Music*


Beta Monkey's Double Bass Mania IV Features:
  • Designed for Multiple Styles of Power Metal, from Classic Metal to Modern Hybrid Metal: Mid-tempo power and brutality, with a heavy emphasis on double kick grooves that rely on groove and phrasing more than flat-out speed. If you write groove or power metal, DBM4 is a monstrous songwriting tool.

  • Focused Range of Tempos: 90, 100, 110, and 120 BPM. A powerful and versatile collection of grooves, variations, and fills to complement Double Bass Mania III or as a complete songwriting package for mid-tempo heavy metal.

  • Rhythmic Pairings: We constructed DBM IV to complement the tempo sets on Double Bass Mania III. Grooves between the two sample sets include the following pairings 90/180, 100/200, 110/220, 120/240. This allow a songwriters to cut or double time signatures at will. Shift your metal song structures all you want , when you want to. No limitations.

  • Cohesive Drum Sounds: All drums on DBM IV were recorded in a single recording session. All loops and samples blend perfectly to ensure consistent drum tracks. You can change tempos, change feels. or change time signatures. Metal is an extremely dynamic style of music and this sample set gives you all the options with a single cohesive drum sound.

  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: All drums and cymbals used in recording Double Bass Mania IV are included as a multi-velocity sample collection. Add single voice accents where needed or sequence custom patterns in your sampler of choice.

Disc Stats:

  • 1144 (1.1 GB) original, license-free metal drum loops. Available in 16/44, 24/44 WAV, APPLE and REX2 loop formats.
  • 255 (300+ MB) multi-velocity drum and cymbal hit sample section. Includes all drums used as well as crashes, chinas, rides and hats. Available as a download only after purchase.
  • More metal one shots - endings, breakdowns, extended fills.


Some kind words by current Double Bass Mania IV users:

5 stars for Beta Monkey Drum Loops "I ordered and now got 3 CD's from Beta Monkey, and they are great. I have other drum loops that sound fine, but are too busy or complex for most songs. Telling Chris at Beta Monkey what I needed, I got three CD's with mainly simple straight ahead rock, pop, alternative rhythms." -- Tom (Denmark)




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