Double Bass Mania VIIIDouble Bass Mania VIII Metal Drum Loops for Modern Metal, Deathcore, Djent, and More

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Live Beta Monkey Drum Loops

Why Double Bass Mania VIII?

We had a lot more in the can from the Bay Are Metal Sessions that deserved to see the light of day.

Much blood, sweat, and tears was lost as we drove the Monkey Mobile over the Bay Bridge and headed into Oakland to get in the one of the best metal studios on the West Coast. We dialed in the sounds and spent two days laying it all out - inspired by current metal as well as respect for traditional styles as well.

The result of all that work can soon be hard at work destroying your DAW. Are you ready?








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Speed, deathcore, tech metal, djent... pick your poison!

Power and Precision. Speed and Aggression. Brutal and Insane. Your metal drum tracks deserve nothing less than what you bring to your music. Your music deserves the real thing - live drum brutality to take your songwriting to the next level. Your music needs Double Bass Mania VIII.

Double Bass Mania VIII unleashes precision metal drum loops for guitarists, bassists, producers who work in a number of metal styles, including speed metal, deathcore, grindcore, death, tech metal, or djent. Get ready to inspire your next metal songwriting project.

Focused on tempos between 120 bpm and 160 bpm, Double Bass Mania VIII unleashes over 900 drum loops, including grooves and fills, to inspire pure metal drum tracks. 100% live metal drumming performances power this collection that will seek and destroy in any DAW you choose to use. Double Bass Mania VIII is the faster follow-up to Double Bass Mania VII. Together, you will find no better resource for modern metal drum tracks anywhere.

Double Bass Mania VIII covers a wide variety of groove styles including double bass runs, syncopated broken double kick patterns, half-time breakdowns, double-time feels, skanks, blast beats and more. All the groove feels you need - they're all here in both straight and triplet-based feels. All grooves are 4/4 based.

Need fills? Each tempo folder delivers all the fills you'll need to create seamless transitions between loops. We've included intro fills, transition fills, pick-ups, and outros, ranging in length from less than a bar to fours or more.

Powerful and essential metal grooves to use for songwriting projects or simply jamming and riff inspiration. Are you ready for the brutal rhythms to take your music to the next level? Are you ready to take your songwriting to the next level? Double Bass Mania VIII will make it happen.

Available in 16 and 24 bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS and REX2 loop formats.


Double Bass Mania VIII Drum Loop Previews

120 BPM 180 Grooves and Fills
130 BPM
140 Grooves and Fills
140 BPM
146 Grooves and Fills
150 BPM 184 Grooves and Fills
150 BPM 81 Grooves and Fills
Multi-Velocity Drum Samples 168 Drum Samples

 Double Bass Mania VIII User Submitted Music*
* All user submitted music was created using Double Bass Mania VIII drum loops and samples exclusively.


Beta Monkey's Double Bass Mania VIII Features:
  • Modern Speed and Tech Metal: Metal drum loops designed for modern metal artists, whether you write speed metal, deathcore, grindcore, death, tech metal, or djent. The mix is modern - punchy, loud, powerful and the drumming is influenced by the latest wave of metal bands. The grooves are precise and pounding, yet retain the human feel that is often missing in MIDI virtual drum tracks.

  • UpTempo Speeds: This metal sample library spans the tempos between 120 bpm and 160 bpm: 120 bpm, 130 bpm, 140 bpm, 150 bpm, and 160 bpm. Included in each tempo Groove Folder are half-time as well as double-time loops as well. If you need the speed, Double Bass Mania VIII delivers.

  • Extensive Drum Samples:.All drums used in recording Double Bass Mania VIII were captured and included as a dedicated sample collection. Add single drum accents where needed or sequence custom drum track patterns. Create custom drum virtual instruments in the software of your choice and use for MIDI sequences. Over 250 MB of samples.

Disc Stats:

  • 905 original, royalty-free drum loops. 1.12 GB 24/44 loop and sample content (772 MB 16/44) available as 16/44, 24/44 WAV, APPLE LOOPS (AIFF), and REX2 loop formats.
  • 256 MB multi-velocity drum samples. All drums and cymbals used in recording sessions included. This includes drum samples for: one kick drum, three toms, one snare, two crash cymbals, two chinas, one ride cymbal, and two hihats. Complete range of velocities provided in drum samples.
  • ALL ACIDized WAV, APPLE, and REX2 formats included with digital download or hard copy DVD.


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100% Pure Drum Loops and Drum Samples from Beta Monkey Music. Create Powerful Drum Tracks for All Styles with the World's Favorite Loops.