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    All Drum Loops


    Drum Werks Series

  • Drum Werks XXX | Punk Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XXVIII | Fast, Uptempo Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XXVII | Groove Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XXVI | Rock Ballad Drum Loops, Ballads and Slow Rock
  • Drum Werks XXV: UpTempo 6/8 Drum Loops. Rock, pop, RnB, Alt
  • Drum Werks XXIV: 6/8 Drum Loops. Slow 6/8 drum tracks
  • Drum Werks XXIII | Traditional 12/8, Shuffles, Blues Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XXII | Ska Drum Loops for all ska and ska-rock styles.
  • Drum Werks XXI | Reggae Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XX | Alt and Indie Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XIX | Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XVIII | L.A. Pop Rock Piccolo Grooves | Pop and Rock Drum loops.
  • Rock Drum Loops | Drum Werks XVII L.A. Rock Signature Drum Grooves
  • Drum Werks XVI | L.A. Rock Essentials Hard Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XV | L.A. Rock Essentials: Classic Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XIV | The Brazilian Kitchen: Brazilian, Latin Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XIII | Funk, Funk-Rock, Soul, RnB Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks XII | Blues Drum Loops, Shuffles, 12/8, Blues-Rock Loops
  • Drum Werks XI | Aggressive Hard Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks X | Fast, Furious, Filthy Drum Loops for Punk, Punk Rock
  • Drum Werks IX | Hard Rock Drum Tracks
  • Drum Werks VIII | Alt, Indie Garageband Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks VII | Pop, Modern, Indie Rock Samples
  • Drum Werks VI | Blues, Swing, Rockabilly, Alt Country
  • Drum Werks V | Grunge, Indie, Alt Pop Drum Loops |
  • Drum Werks IV | Acoustic Drum Loops Rock, Bluesy-Rock, Pop Rock
  • Drum Werks III | 12/8 Blues Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks II | Modern Hard Rock Drum Loops
  • Drum Werks I | Big Rock Drum Loops

    Double Bass Mania Series

  • Double Bass Mania VIII | Deathcore, Djent Drum Loops
  • Double Bass Mania VII | Modern Drum Loops for Metal
  • Double Bass Mania VI | Triplets of Doom Metal
  • Double Bass Mania V | Doom Metal Drum Loops, Goth Metal
  • Double Bass Mania IV | Metal Drum Loops for Groove and Power Metal
  • Double Bass Mania III | Death Metal, Speed Metal, Classic Metal
  • Double Bass Mania II | Extreme Metal Drum Loops, Double Kick Drum Loops
  • Double Bass Mania I Reloaded | Drum Loops for Modern Metal, Tech Metal, Deathcore

    Odd Time Meltdown Series

  • Odd Time Meltdown IV | Prog-Rock, Fusion, Rock Grooves in 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, and 7/8.
  • Odd Time Meltdown III | Odd Time Drum Loops for Fusion, Rock, Pop
  • Odd Time Meltdown II | 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 Progressive Rock Odd Meters
  • Odd Time Meltdown I | 3/4, 5/4, 7/4 Prog Rock, Fusion Odd Time Drum Tracks

    Jazz Essentials Series

  • Jazz Essentials IV | Multi-Track Drum Tracks for Jazz Standards
  • Jazz Essentials III | Multi-Track Jazz Drum Tracks
  • Jazz Essentials II | Jazz Drum Tracks
  • Jazz Essentials | Drum Loops for Jazz, Bebop, Swing

    Pure Country Series

  • Pure Country V | Swinging Brush drum loops
  • Pure Country IV | Country Ballad, Waltz, 6/8 Ballad, Brush Drum Loops
  • Pure Country III | Trainbeats, Ballads, Country-Western, Country Brushes
  • Pure Country II | Alt Country, Americana Roots drum Loops
  • Pure Country I | Country Drum Loops Rocking Nashville

    Rock Hard Funk Series

  • Rock Hard Funk III | Drum Loops for Funk
  • Rock Hard Funk II | Funk Drum Loops, Funk Drum Tracks | Beta Monkey
  • Rock Hard Funk I | Jazz, Rock, Funk Fusion Drum Tracks

    Alt and Modern Rock Series

  • Alt and Modern Rock IV | Drum Loops for Indie, Alt, Modern Rock
  • Alt and Modern Rock III | Alt Rock Drum Loops and Samples
  • Alt and Modern Rock II | Alt Indie Rock
  • Alt and Modern Rock I | Indie, Grunge Rock Drum Loops

    Classic Backbeats Series

  • Classic Backbeats II | Drum loops for rock & roll, surf
  • Classic Backbeats I | Vintage analogue drum tracks
  • Natural Grooves | Pure, Natural Acoustic Drums Loops for Songwriters

    Rap, Hip Hop Series

  • Hip Hop Drum Loops | Rap and Hip Hop I and II Drum Loop Sample Packs. Download Hip Hop Drum Loops in WAV and Apple Loops formats.

    Drum Recording Session Information

  • List of All Drum Recording Sessions
  • Download Drum Samples from DrumWerks - 100% Pure Acoustic Drum Samples
  • Los Angeles 3 Drum Tracks Recording Sessions
  • Los Angeles Returns: Drum Recording Session Info
  • Los Angeles Live Drum Tracks, Drum Samples Recording Sessions
  • Rocking Nashville Drum Recording Sessions
  • Drum Tracking and Recording at The Plant Studios Sessions Sausalito, CA
  • Brooklyn Rock Drum Loops Recording Sessions
  • River Alt, Indie, Garageband Rock Drum Recording Sessions
  • Doom Metal Drum Recording Sessions and Tracking Info
  • Power Metal Drum Recording Sessions
  • Drum Tracks for Metal - Recording Info Bay Area Metal Sessions
  • Beta Monkey Drum Werks VII - Drum Recording Specifications

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