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From low-fi alt and indie rock to the aggressive drum sounds of modern rock.

Alt and Modern Rock Drum Loop Bundle
Alt and Modern Rock I - Alt, Indie Rock Collection
Alt and Modern Rock II - Drums for Modern Styles of Alt and Indie Rock
Alt and Modern Rock Bundle
Alt and Modern Rock I
Alt and Modern Rock II
All Collections
Alt, Indie Rock
Alt, Indie, Garage Rock

The Alt and Modern Rock Drum Series is all about great live acosutic drums with punchy sounds that will really kick your next tune into gear. Dry, punchy, and in your face alt indie, and modern rock attitude.

This bundle package includes all available Alt and Modern Rock collections for one low package price.


Over 1000 grooves for today's alt and alt-indie rock styles. Covering a wide range of groove styles and tempos and will give any modern songwriter tons of great raw and natural grooves to write with.

If you're after raw, gritty, and live drum tracks for alternative styles of rock, Alt and Modern Rock I will inspire you and your songwriting.

Whether it's alt indie pop or guitar-dense indie rock projects, Alt and Modern Rock II has a wide array of drum grooves and sounds perfect for multiple indie genres.

Diverse in drum sounds and very versatile for modern songwriting styles.


Alt and Modern Rock III Drums for Modern and Indie Rock
Alt and Modern Rock IV Drum Loops for Modern and Indie Rock Songwriting New Grooves for Alt and Indie Songwriters
Alt and Modern Rock III
Alt and Modern Rock IV
Modern Rock
Eclectic Modern Rock
Modern Indie Rock

Bright, punchy modern drum sounds perfect for today's rock but versatile enough for other rock styles as well, Alt and Modern Rock III draws inspirations from many contemporary modern alt, indie artists.

Multiple feels and loop variations to deliver the kinds of grooves you need for modern alt drum tracks.

Focusing heavily on mid-tempo drum tracks between 60 BPM and 120 BPM, Alt and Modern Rock IV is a more "out there" and eclectic alt rock collection offering some fresh new feels with the tight, punchy sounds that are key to today's modern rock tracks.

If you're after some different grooves, this is the collection you need.

Product still in development.








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