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Essential country drum loop collections for any style of country songwriting!

Modern Country Drums - Pure Country I
Versatile acoustic collection of alt country drumming.
All-Brush Drumming for Country Bllads, Acoustic Country
For Modern Country, Country-Rock.
For Country, Alt-Country
Country, Country-Western

Beta Monkey Music's Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ captures the authentic sounds of Nashville with over 500 acoustic drum loops in nine (9) different Groove Folders™ and a complete multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set.

This complete country songwriting package features live drums laid down with authority and feel in one of Nashville's best drum rooms. Pure Country I: Rocking Nashville™ will deliver true Nashville inspiration.

More drum loops for country songwriters. If your music needs a contemporary Nashville sound, Pure Country® II offers 700+ drum loop grooves to inspire your next project.

Perfect for multiple styles of country songwriting (traditional and contemporary).


Pure Country III is a complete all-brushes country songwriting package, featuring over 400 acoustic brush drum loops covering trainbeats, ballads, Johnny Cash style beats, and more. If your music needs brushes or brush/cross-sticking, Pure Country III has it covered.

All the nuances and textures of brushed drum parts, laid down with impeccable taste and time, Pure Country III: Nashville Brushes™ will deliver, true Nashville inspiration.

3/4 and 6/8 Country drum loops, all brushes for ballads and more.
Shuffles and swing feels, all brush drums for Pure Country V
Drum Werks VI is geared for bluesy-rock and alt-country songwriting styles.
Brushes, 3/4 and 6/8 time
Shuffle Brushes

Pure Country IV the authentic sounds of Nashville with impeccable drumming, an entire disc of brushed 3/4 and 6/8 drums ready for your next track.

Pure Country IV is a focused collection of 3/4 and 6/8 brush drum grooves for multiple styles of music, be it country, folk, and more. We captured the subtle nuances of brush work in 3/4 and 6/8 time, giving users a powerfully focused collection of grooves, fills, one shots and single hit samples.

Over 340 exclusively acoustic brush drum loops.

Need some swinging brushwork? Pure Country V is a valuable asset to your country drum loop library, with enough swing and shuffle to make you blush.

A complete country songwriting package, featuring over 350 acoustic brush drum loops and all with a decidedly swung feel. All the nuances and textures of swinging brushed drum parts, laid down with impeccable taste and time, that's what Pure Country VI: Nashville Shuffle Brushes™ will deliver.

True Nashville inspiration that swing and shuffle.

An exhaustive collection of swing patterns, shuffles, and triplet-based grooves, Drum Werks Volume VI features over 700 acoustic drum loops in eighteen different groove sets featuring grooves, variations, and fills.

From 6/8 ballad grooves to driving 180 BPM country-rock shuffles, Drum Werks VI is a versatile collection of grooves for blues, blues-rock and alt-country.








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